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To be able to use the abilities given to you by your god, you need to remain within your given alignment. Being near the edge of alignment will make performing rituals harder, and being out of alignment will make performing rituals impossible. You will also be unable to enter the temple vestry to advance or get back rituals after death if you are out of alignment. The first warning that you're getting out of alignment is when "score align" says your deity is "pleased" with you (as opposed to "very happy"). At a certain point after that, you'll start seeing the message that it's more difficult to perform rituals "because you can barely feel the presence of [deity]". With lower levels of faith.rituals.special, you'll also see messages that you "find yourself slightly distracted from your prayers" or "find it hard to keep [deity] in your thoughts as you pray" while praying when you're starting to get out of alignment. The three main ways to remain in alignment are pray, the burial commands, and by keeping careful note of what NPCs you kill.

Killing things

If you are trying to keep an evil alignment, good things to kill are priests of good alignment, like Althea. Easy pickings for a youngster are small rodents and rabbits on the roads surrounding Ankh-Morpork. To try to keep a good alignment, the best places to kill things are areas such as the Gloomy forest and most places where you get attacked on sight. Easy targets include ravens on the roads and fields outside Ankh-Morpork. Killing atheists in the TOSG is good for every alignment. Please do NOT kill shopkeeper priests, this is most inconvenient and even illegal. The alignment of the NPC you may be killing can be found in a number of ways. Firstly, the rituals See Alignment and Detect Alignment will tell you the alignment of all in the room, or a single NPC respectively. You can also check the List of NPC Alignments, although this is far from complete.

Alternatives to Detect/See Alignment

The light ritual can give some indication of alignment for those who do not have the detect alignment ritual. When performed upon the target, they give off a certain colour light which can give a rough indication of what range they belong to.

  • Violet - Really good (thirty-one to fifty degrees good).
  • Lilac - Rather good (fifteen to twenty-nine degrees good).
  • Blue - Fairly good (five to thirteen degrees good).
  • Cyan - Somewhat good (two to four degrees good).
  • Green - Slightly good, neutral, or slightly evil (up to one degree good or evil).
  • Yellow - Somewhat evil (two to five degrees evil).
  • Orange - Fairly evil (six to fourteen degrees evil).
  • Red - Rather evil (fifteen to twenty-nine degrees evil).
  • Crimson - Really evil (thirty to forty-three degrees evil).

Also, the red-hilted daggers available in the Sandelfon temple shop will show a target's alignment when used to attack them (if they are significantly different from neutral), in the form of a colored flame. The flame doesn't necessarily appear with every successful attack--it seems to be related to damage dealt. The colour of the flame shows whether they're good or evil and the intensity shows how good or evil they are. While there are some gaps in the scale, here's a rough idea of what the intensities mean:

  • A jet of white flame: 16 to 50 degrees good.
  • A gout of white flame: 5 to 11 degrees good.
  • A flicker of white flame: 2 to 4 degrees good.
  • Nothing: 1 degree good to 1 degree evil
  • A flicker of black flame: 2 to 4 degrees evil.
  • A gout of black flame: 6 to 15 degrees evil.
  • A jet of black flame: 20 to 47 degrees evil.

Praying and burial commands

Pray and the burial commands affect your alignment directly, moving it towards your deity's ideal alignment. How good they are at moving your alignment is dependent on what skill you have in the faith.rituals.special skill, and can be very efficient at changing the alignment with a good bonus.

Pray seems to be more effective when you are far out of alignment than when you are close, while the burial commands seem to be fairly effective no matter what your alignment is.

Newbie coffers

You can also move your alignment towards a given deity's ideal alignment by putting things in the newbie coffer for that deity (as long as you can't also take things out of that coffer). However, the items may need to match the deity whose coffer it is--putting in items that are consecrated to another deity (e.g., putting Fish-consecrated prayer beads in the Sek coffer), or items that don't come consecrated, seems to have no effect on alignment. (It's possible they need to be priestly items (relics, prayer beads, prayer books, holy symbols, and possibly incense and holy amulets), since just taking something unconsecrated and consecrating it doesn't seem to mean that putting that item in a newbie coffer has any effect.) It doesn't seem to matter how close to the deity's ideal alignment you already are. More expensive items, or possibly just holier items, may work better: relics appear to move your alignment by between two and three degrees, while prayer beads seem to be worth somewhere between half a degree and a degree. Prayer books and holy symbols are worth less than a degree, but more than nothing. Wearable holy symbols (black medallions specifically, but probably all of them) are worth around 5/6 of a degree.

It doesn't seem to matter how far away you are from that deity's ideal alignment, as long as putting the item in doesn't shift you enough to actually be in their ideal alignment (since it that case you might get less of a shift).


Another way of changing your alignment is by shattering holy relics; this generally moves you away from the alignment of the deity whose relic you shattered and towards that of your own deity. The alignment shift varies somewhat (seeming to have a random factor of some kind).

  • Pishe relics: move you about 3-5 degrees, around 4 degrees on average.
  • Gufnork relics: move you about 2 degrees.
  • Gapp relics: move you about 1-2 degrees.
  • Sandelfon relics: move you about half a degree on average.
  • Fish relics: move you about a degree (maybe a little less).
  • Hat relics: move you about 1-3 degrees, around 2 degrees on average.
  • Sek relics: move you about 2-5 degrees, around 3 degrees on average.

Though shattering relics can get you out of alignment (if shattering the relic gives you more of an alignment shift than you actually needed), it seems to be difficult or impossible to get too far out of alignment that way... one possibility is that you don't get the alignment shift if your own deity's ideal alignment is between your own alignment and the ideal alignment of the deity whose relic you're shattering. (I.e: for a Pishite (ideal alignment 25-26 good) who's 27 degrees good, shattering a relic of any type except Pishite would have no effect, since 25-26 good is between 27 good and any other god's ideal alignment.)

Shattering a relic doesn't seem to be an absolutely good or evil act, but rather seems to depend on what your own ideal alignment is. For example, a Sekkite who shatters a Gufnorkian relic will get more evil, while a Pishite who shatters a Gufnorkian relic will get more good if they're under perfect alignment (despite Gufnork also being good).

In sum, assuming all this is right: if you're too good for your deity, shatter relics of deities who are more good-aligned than yours. If you're too evil, shatter relics of deities who are more evil-aligned than yours.

Shattering a relic of your own deity is a bad idea, as it will make them angry with you and you'll be unable to perform rituals for an unknown period of time.

Things that may (or may not) make a small difference:

  • How far out of alignment you are (relic-shattering may be slightly more effective when you're further out of alignment).
  • Your fa.ri.sp bonus (relic-shattering may be slightly more effective with a high bonus)

Other methods

  • Performing Resurrect makes you more good.
  • Holding a Sarilak (a heavy-sword) makes you more evil, to an extent.
  • Certain quests change your alignment, though obviously this a one-time-only thing. For at least some of these, there are both good and evil options for completing the quest (which may not be mentioned on quest solution pages).
  • If you're still in Pumpkin Town, you can drown or rescue beetles in the priests' guild hut to make yourself up to about 25 degrees good or evil. (See here.)