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All 'faith items' (holy symbols, amulets, prayer beads, prayer books and relics) can be found in a variety of places, but mainly they come from temple shops. Most of these shops will sell all of the aforementioned items, and can be found wherever there are temples (there is also a peddler in Bes Pelargic who sells these near the Imperial Palace). The more inventive priest however will acquire all the items they need at no cost to themselves. The primary method for this is raiding the shops in Ohulan-Cutash, where the temples have no protection against shoplifters. Different sorts of faith items are carried by different people around the disc, and almost all can be acquired with the sword should that be your taste. These alternative methods of acquisition are detailed on each item's page.

All faith items must be specific to your god, or they will be useless to you. They need not be bought in this state however - they can be consecrated at your god's high altar by any priest who worships that deity (provided, of course, that they possess the meagre skills required).

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