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= Learnt At =
= Learnt At =
[[Category:Rituals with conflicting or dubious learnt at information]]
[[Category:Rituals with conflicting or dubious learnt at information]]
Either between 83 and 97 [[faith.rituals.defensive.target]], or between 81 and 85 [[faith.rituals.defensive]].
= Skills Used =
= Skills Used =

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Celestial Anchor
GP Cost  ???
Learnt At  ???
Skills Used faith.rituals.defensive.self/target
Requirements Symbol
Granted By Fish
Best Baton(s)


Best Cane


Protects from unwanted forms of spiritual travel


oddly enough, defensive ritual, which prevents the person from using divine means of transportation, basically stops divine hand and visit for a period of time, can be quite lengthy even at lower bonuses.

Help File

The Celestial Anchor ritual forms holy bonds tethering you or your target to the Disc. As long as the bonds last, the target cannot be wrested to a faraway place by divine forces. You'll need a holy symbol consecrated to your god to perform celestial anchor.


    > perform celestial anchor on me
    You pray to Fish to keep yourself firmly rooted to the Disc.
    You are tethered to the Disc by the power of Fish.

Granted By


Learnt At

Either between 83 and 97 faith.rituals.defensive.target, or between 81 and 85 faith.rituals.defensive.

Skills Used

Faith.rituals.defensive.self(self) faith.rituals.defensive.target(others)

Base GP Cost



Holy symbol


Type Defensive
Step Count3
TargetYourself & Others
ComponentsHoly symbol
Required Powersspeech
Will Attempt to Resist No
Will Be Angered No/Unknown