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= [[Meditate]] =
= [[Meditate]] =
[[Category:Rituals with no meditate information]]
| type=c
| steps=2
| target=Others, Self
| components=[[Holy symbol]]
| powers=Speech, Movement
| resist=n
[[Category:Pishe Rituals]]
[[Category:Pishe Rituals]]

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Cure Light Wounds
GP Cost 20
Learnt At 1/3 in faith
Skills Used faith.rituals.curing.self or faith.rituals.curing.target
Requirements None
Granted By Pishe, Gufnork (+followers), Gapp, Sandelfon, Fish, Hat, Sek
Best Baton(s)


Best Cane


Heals only the lightest of wounds.


The basic healing ritual. From a bit of testing it seems that the amount of hp restored from the use of this ritual is capped at 300. A very useful rit at low levels, as it is cheap, easy to use and only takes one round of combat.

Help File

Cure Light Wounds heals the target of a slight amount of damage and is the easiest of the curing rituals. It requires a holy symbol consecrated to your god to perform.

Ward Effect

When imbued as a ward, this ritual reverses itself and causes damage to the thief.


> perform cure light wounds on me
You place your hands together and close your eyes.
You utter a quick prayer to Gufnork.
You feel healed by Gufnork as fluff pads your wounds.

Granted By

Pishe, Gufnork (also to His followers), Gapp, Sandelfon, Fish, Hat, Sek

Learnt At

Skills Used

faith.rituals.curing.self or faith.rituals.curing.target

Base GP Cost

20 GP




Type Healing
Step Count2
TargetOthers, Self
ComponentsHoly symbol
Required PowersSpeech, Movement
Will Attempt to Resist No
Will Be Angered No/Unknown