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Actions that add DP
Action DP Added
1/10th GP spent,
1/8th if at a High Altar
5 per corpse

Deity points are sort of a high-level pool of guild points, available to both priests and followers. They are used to perform "special" tasks. Each deity has a separate deity pool.

Praying (on your own behalf), meditating upon obsecration, and ritually burying corpses are the ways you can add points to the deity pool.

Read all about them in Dasquian's original post on the priests board!

Checking your God's deity pool

By using the ritual Devout Inquisition or Meditating upon the obsecration you can check the amount of DP left in your God's pool. When it runs low you should pray to refill it! When your God runs out of DP, your followers, fellow priests and yourself will be unable to use rods or bestow rituals!!

The different levels (from lowest to highest) are:

  • Totally exhausted
  • Almost run out
  • Running dangerously low
  • Less than half full
  • Roughly half-full (or half-empty, depending on how you like to look at things)
  • In good supply
  • Only slightly depleted
  • Nearly totally full
  • At its maximum capacity

(One or two levels may be missing.)

Deity points and faith rods

There are two stages in faith rods that use DP:

  • Bestowing: Bestowing a ritual onto a rod will cost DP. Hence it's possible that sometimes you will be unable to bestow.
  • Performing from a permanent rod: Perform a ritual from an impressed or imprinted rod will cost DP. So make sure you don't become too dependant on it! You might find yourself without rituals at awkward times!


High Priests have a special command called obsecrate. With this command they can ask the deity to alter various things about the way deity points are spent. You can get rough details on the current setup with the Devout Inquisition ritual.

The things they can currently do are:

Reduce ritual costs - up to 30% of ritual costs can be set to be shouldered by the deity point pool.
Increase ritual costs by taking tithes - rituals can be made to cost 30% more than usual, with some of the surplus being put back in the deity point pool. This is a more efficient way of converting gp to dp than praying.
Make rituals easier and better - self-explanatory really, this can chew up a large amount of dp. The settings go up to "10%". However, the 10% setting appears to actually spend dp on a one-to-one basis with gp spent--i.e. spending 100 gp with this setting on will drain the pool by 100 dp.

As usual, heretics are unaffected by all of this.