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|'''zombie toes'''
|'''zombie toes'''
|Bleak Prospect
|Bleak Prospect

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Dust Devil
GP Cost 50/75/100/125/150/...
Learnt At 55 in faith.rituals.misc.area or faith.rituals.misc (Sek)
Skills Used faith.rituals.misc.area and faith.rituals.offensive.area
Requirements Symbol
Granted By Pishe, Gufnork, Gapp, Sandelfon, Fish, Hat, Sek
Best Baton(s)


Best Cane


Summons a whirlwind to fight on your behalf.


Performing this ritual causes a whirlwind to form, its composition depending on where it is summoned (There are at least 350 different types, ranging from leaves, to cat fur, to metal fragments, to pure faith, to the good old dust devils). Trying to summon another minion may lead to dust devils you've summoned slipping out of your control and dissipating. Dust devils will join you in combat as they will 'assist', and can also be "order"ed to attack. Doing so will cause you to become involved in the combat as well.

Dust devils reduce the amount of xp you will get from kills, though this may be countered by the ability you will have to kill things tougher and in less time. Dust devils are unable to protect and mediocre at dealing damage, so their use is limited.

The progression of the sizes is: Tiny, small, average, large, huge, gigantic, colossal, enormous, humongous, and unbelievably large.

You can refer to a specific priest's dust devil by prefacing "devil" (or "whirlwind", "summon", "minion", "creature") with the priest's name.

l warrax whirlwind

Help File

This ritual summons a dust devil to follow your orders. It will attack if ordered, though not the servants of gods. It will not protect or defend the priest summoning it. A priest can only control two dust devils at a time. Performing this ritual requires use of a holy symbol consecrated to your deity.


> perform dust devil

You find it more difficult to perform dust devil because you are a creator. However, this is mitigated by the fact that you are a creator.
You raise your hands, and swirl them about.
You speak the holy word of Fish.
You summon a dust devil.
Use "order" to command it.
The wind picks up a bit and starts swirling. Dust and debris in the area come together to form an unbelievably large whirlwind of leaves.

Granted By

Pishe, Gufnork, Gapp, Sandelfon, Fish, Hat and Sek

Learnt At

Skills Used

Both skills affect the size and hitpoints of dust devils. Either or both skills may affect dust devils' fighting abilities and perception.

Of.area determines the number of devils you can summon.

Base GP Cost

50/70/90/... GP

The gp cost depends on the number of dust devils you are already controlling.

Forms of dust devils

As the name suggests: most of the time a dust devil will consist of, erm, dust. However, there are at least 350 different forms, and the following list is an attempt to record them - just in case you fancy a specific looking one, go to the location specified (some may be found in various locations. You might have to perform dust devil more than once on that location, as only every 2nd or 3rd performance of this ritual produces a "non-dust" dust devil.

Note: 1) variations of the same dust devil to not seem to count multiple times towards the related achievements. For example creating ten whirlwinds different coloured fluff does not register as creating ten whirlwinds from different materials for the purposes of the achievment. 2) some forms can occur in a fairly big area (i.e. in several places within a big city (e.g. pebbles), others are limited to a specific building or room (e.g. see various forms occuring in Alchemists' Guild, AM).

Listed alphabetically, by form of devil:

Type Location
"beer" AM, Mended Drum
acid AM, Alchemists' Guild
acorns Wolf's Trail, east of
algae Beach
allegations Listening Monks temple
alligators Genua & Bois
amulets of confession Temple of Soyin
ancient arrowheads Skund Forest, by crystal egg tree
angry hermit crabs Beach
apple pies AM Bakeries
arrows Sandelfon's corridor (divine hand)
ash Bandits' Camp
baby grflxen Skund Forest, by crystal egg tree
baby monkeys Rainforest
baggy gauze AM, Gapp's low altar
baggy tie-dye AM, Gapp's low altar
balloons Hat's Chamber (divine hand)
banananana peels AM, Unseen University
bananas Brown Island
bank receipts AM, Pishe gardens & Pishe's moorlands
bases AM, Alchemists' Guild
beads Genua & Bois
black cloth scraps Escrow, Town Sq.
black gems AM, Sandelfon's high altar
black water Skund Forest, by crystal egg tree
blackberry pies AM Bakeries
blood AM, Sek's high altar
blowfish AM, Fish's high altar
blue water AM, TOSG, fountain
bones Death's domain, entrance hall & T-Shop
bottled llamas AM, Hat's high altar
bottled walruses AM, Hat's high altar
bread AM Bakeries
bread rolls AM Bakeries
brick dust Bois
bricks sandelfon's Chamber (divine hand)
bristles Bad Ass, Witch's Guild
broken dreams Death's domain, T-Shop
broken feathers AM & DJB, Hat high altar
broken glassware AM, Alchemists' Guild
buffalo dung BP, Tuna Walk
bugs DJB, southwest of southern gates
butterfly scales Rainforest
buttons AM, Gapp's low altar
cabbage frogs Sto Plains, cabbage fields
cabbage fronds Sto Plains, cabbage fields
cabbage leaves Bleak Prospect
camel dung DJB, Bazaar
canapes Hat's Chamber (divine hand)
carp AM, Fish's high altar
cat fur AM, Hat high altar / DJB, bazaar
caterpillars Sto Plains, cabbage fields
champagne corks Hat's Chamber (divine hand)
chat-up lines AM, Mended Drum & Hat's Chamber (divine hand)
chickens Bois
chocolate chip cookies AM Bakeries
chopsticks BP, east of Blue Moon Park
chrysalises Rainforest
cigars Pseudopolis Yard watchhouse
clams Beach
cloth AM, Gapp's low altar
coarse sand Klatch, Oasis
cobblestones AM, Sandelfon's high altar
cobwebs BP, Tang Estate
cocktail sausages Hat's Chamber (divine hand
cocktail umbrellas Hat's Chamber (divine hand)
coconuts Brown Island, Souvenir Shop
coffee AM, Five Ways Bell Tower
coffee beans AM, Five Ways Bell Tower
coleslaw Sto Lat, Sewers
cone snails AM, Fish's high altar
confetti Hat's Chamber (divine hand)
cool dust Monks of Cool
cool jewellery Monks of Cool
cool sunglasses Monks of Cool
cool underwear Monks of Cool
coral AM, Fish's high altar
corn Pepper Pot, AM
corn sheaves Dinky, Western Road
cravats AM, Gapp's low altar
cream cakes AM Bakeries
criticism AM, Royal Art Museum
crystal shards Scrogden
cupcakes AM Bakeries
currant buns AM Bakeries
daggers AM, Five Ways Bell Tower
darkness Death's domain & T-shop
dates Ephebe, Chronides Farm
dead fish Slice
deadly cashmere AM, Gapp's low altar
deadly gauze AM, Gapp's low altar
deadly lace AM, Gapp's low altar
depressed lemmings Barbarian's Winter Camp, just south of it
diamond slippers Genua, main gate area & Bois
dice Genua, Casino
directions Sandelfon's Corridor (divine hand)
dirt Bandits' Camp
dirt clods Sto Plains
discarded clothing AM, Gapp's low altar
dog fur Sto Lat
dog-ends AM, Mended Drum
dolphins AM, Fish's high altar
dried paint Brass Neck, just west of Market Place
dried plants Bad Ass, Witch's Guild
driftwood Brown Island
droplets of holy water Escrow, Garlic Way
drunken promises AM, Mended Drum
dry sand Klatch, Oasis
duckweed Swamp
dust Everywhere
ear horns Listening Monks temple
earwax Mad Stoat
egresses Sandelfon's Corridor (divine hand)
exotic blooms Rainforest
fake rhinu AM, Thieves' Guild
fashion Monks of Cool
fear AM, Sek's high altar
fermented cabbage Sto Lat
festering rubbish Bandits' Camp
field mice Dinky, main street
figs DJB, southwest of southern gates
film Holywood
fine sand Klatch, Oasis
fish AM, Fish's high altar
fish oil AM, Fish's high altar & Fish's chamber (Divine Hand)
flamboyant cashmere AM, Gapp's low altar
flamboyant gauze AM, Gapp's low altar
flasks AM, Alchemist's Guild
fleas Sto Lat, Sewers
floor tiles Listening Monks temple
florid gauze AM, Gapp's low altar
florid tye-dye AM, Gapp's low altar
flotsam Fish's chamber (Divine Hand)
flour AM Bakeries
flowers Holywood
fluff (all types) AM, Gufnork's temple
flying daggers Klatch, Hashishim Cave
flying fish AM, Fish's high altar
foam AM, Pishe gardens (hot spring) & Fish's chamber (Divine Hand)
food AM, Unseen University
forged papers AM, Thieves' Guild (Jim's room)
frantic but unladen swallows Hat's Chamber (divine hand)
frantic Hunghungese pot-bellied pigs AM, Hat's high altar
frantic troll children AM, Hat's high altar
fried dog BP, Palace & on pier new Tuna Walk
fried fish Fish's chamber (Divine Hand)
frog-spawn Swamp
frost Anywhere snowy
fruit cake AM Bakeries
gambling debts Genua, Casino
garlic DJB, Harbour
garlic cloves DJB, southwest of southern gates
gilt Pishe's chamber (divine hand)
glittering sand Brown Island
glossy black feathers Rainforest
goat hair Razorback
gold dust BP, Fang Estate
goldenrod feathers Rainforest
grains AM, Pepper Pot
grass Pishe's chamber (divine hand)
grasshoppers Sto Plains
green mud Swamp
grflx eggs Skund Forest, by crystal egg tree
grflx scales Skund Forest, by crystal egg tree
grinning skulls Skund Forest, by crystal egg tree
guano Bad Ass, Witch's Guild
gutted fish Hillshire
haddock AM, Fish's high altar
handbills Bes Pelargic, samurai dojo & Tuna Walk
ha'pennies AM, Thieves' Guild, Jim's room
hatred AM, Sek's high altar
hearts (all types) AM, Sek's high altar
heather Pishe's chamber (divine hand)
herring AM, Fish's high altar
hints Listening Monks temple
honeycombs Bad Ass, Witch's Guild
hot air DJB
hot flannel AM, Gapp's low altar
hot fudge sundaes AM, Ice Cream shop
hot gauze AM, Gapp's low altar
hot sand Klatch, Oasis
hot velvet AM, TOSG, Gapp room
hot water Creel Springs
ibis feathers DJB, Bazaar
ice Anywhere snowy
ice cream AM, Ice Cream shop
iconographs BP, Sailors' Bounty pub
insect corpses Bad Ass, Witch's Guild
invitations Hat's Chamber (divine hand)
IOUs Pseudopolis Yard watchhouse
jam rolls AM Bakeries
jetsam Fish's chamber (Divine Hand)
juggling balls AM, Salt Shaker
juggling clubs AM, Salt Shaker
lacy underwear AM, Five Ways Bell Tower
lamp shades Hat's Chamber (Divine Hand)
lamprey AM, TOSG, Fish room
leaf mould Scrogden
leaves Gloomy Forest (and lots of other places)
lichen Barbarian's Winter Camp, just south of it
lint AM, Gufnork's temple
lion fur AM, Salt Shaker
lit cigarettes Genua, Casino
litter Jokeshop on Longstreet, BP
loathing AM, Sek's high altar
lobster shells Beach
loose change AM, Pishe's high altar, Pishe's chamber (divine hand)
lost socks AM, Gapp's low altar
lost underwear AM, Mended Drum
makeup AM, Salt Shaker
meatballs Hat's Chamber (divine hand)
melons Ephebe, Chronides Farm
memories AM, Mended Drum
metal fragments Barbarian's Summer Camp
mice Bois
milk Razorback
miniature fold-out sofas Hat's Chamber (divine hand)
mirror shards Bad Ass, Witch's Guild
mirrored sunglasses Genua, Casino
mist Pishe's chamber (Divine Hand)
modern art AM, Royal Art Museum
moon dragon scales Nowhere, village square
moose droppings Outside Barbarian's Winter Camp
mortar BP, Tang Estate
moss Swamp
mould AM, Mended Drum
mouse droppings Sto lat
mud AM, Pishe high altar
muddy water Ohulan-Cutash
muesli Barbarbian's Summer Camp
mushrooms Morpork Mountains (Moon Dragon grounds)
native carvings AM, Royal Art Museum
needles AM, Gapp's low altar
noodles BP, Pearl Path, near Sion Street (probably other places in BP too)
oak leaves Gloomy Forest
oats AM, Pepper Pot
octopi AM, Fish's high altar
octopodes AM, Fish's high altar
old contracts Klatch, Hashishashim Cave
old hats DJB, southwest of southern gates
old leaves DJB, southwest of southern gates
old memories Sheepridge, town square
olives Hat's Chamber (divine hand)
opah AM, Fish's high altar
orange and black fur Rainforest
origami BP, Silk Lane
oysters Beach
paint chips AM, Royal Art Museum
paintbrushes BP, Sung Estate
paintings AM, Royal Art Museum
palm leaves Brown Island, Souvenir Shop (possible elsewhere too :-)
pants AM, Gapp's low altar
paper chits BP, Tuna Walk
papers AM, Assassin's Guild
paperwork AM, Sandelfon's high altar
parrot feathers Bleak Prospect
partially-decomposed skin flakes Bleak Prospect
party hats (all types) AM, Hat high altar
peacock feathers BP, Sung Estate
peanut shells AM, Mended Drum
pebbles Bandits' Camp (but also a lot of other places)
permits BP, Jokeshop on Longstreet & Pearl Path (south of Sung Estate)
pickled onions Hat's Chamber (divine hand)
pie dough Sheepridge, village sq.
pig manure Slice
pillows Hat's Chamber (divine hand)
pine needles Gloomy Forest
pineapples Brown Island
plankton Fish's chamber (Divine Hand)
playing cards Genua, Casino
poodles Sto Lat, Sewers
porbeagles AM, Fish's high altar
positive reviews AM, Royal Art Museum
pottery shards Skund Forest, by crystal egg tree
prawns AM, Fish's high altar
prop swords Holywood
puppet heads AM, Salt Shaker
pure cool Monks of Cool
pure faith High altars (everywhere), Divine Hand chambers
quill pens AM, Sandelfon's high altar
quills Bad Ass, Witch's Guild
raindrops Anywhere rainy, & AM, Pishe's high altar, Pishe's chamber (divine hand)
rainwater AM, Pishe's high altar
rat tails AM, Pepper Pot
reagents AM, Alchemists' Guild
red mud BP, Blue Moon Park (entrance)
reeds Swamp
rice BP, Calligrapher's Shop (but probably more globally in BP too)
ripped batik AM, Gapp's low altar
ripped felt AM, Gapp's low altar
ripped lace AM, Gapp's low altar
ripped leather AM, Gapp's low altar
ripped paisley AM, Gapp's low altar
ripped silk AM, Gapp's low altar
rocks DJB, West-South of southern gate.
roe AM, Fish's high altar, Fish's chamber (Divine Hand)
rogue thaums AM, Unseen University
romance Bois
room keys AM, Mended Drum
rose petals Nowhere Village
roses Bois
rotten apples Bad Ass
rotting brain Bleak Prospect
rotting fruit AM, Mended Drum
rubbish AM, Morpork streets
rumours Listening Monks temple
salmon AM, Fish's high altar
sand DJB, Bazaar
scraps of fur Hillshire
scree Escrow, Village Centre
scripts Holywood
scum AM, Mended Drum
scumble droplets Lancre
sea cucumbers Fish's whirlpool
sea urchins AM, Fish's high altar
sea water Brown Island
seals AM, Fish's high altar
sea-shells Brown Island
sexy batik AM, Gapp's low altar
sexy paisley AM, Gapp's low altar
sexy velvet AM, Gapp's low altar
shale Morpork Mountains (Moon Dragon grounds)
shark eggs Beach
shark fins AM, Fish's high altar
sheep's wool Sheepridge, town square & Nowhere village
shirts AM, Gapp's low altar
shrimp AM, Fish's high altar
signs sandelfon's Chamber (divine hand)
silk scraps AM, Assassin's Guild
silver fragments Escrow
skin-tight leather AM, Gapp's low altar
skin-tight silk AM, Gapp's low altar
skin-tight tie-dye AM, Gapp's low altar
slate AM, Five Ways Bell Tower
slush Anywhere snowy (I think)
small melons DJB, melon farm
small round stones Creel Springs
small stones Bleak Prospect
small yellow flowers Barbarian's Winter Camp, just south of it
smoke Klatch, Hashishhashim Cave
snake scales BP, Hong Estate
snow Anywhere snowy
soap Creel Springs
someone else's underwear Hat's Chamber (divine hand)
sonkies AM, Mended Drum
spam Sto Lat, King's Road
sparkly fangs AM, Mended Drum
spermaceti AM, Fish's high altar
spilled drinks AM, Hat high altar & Genua, small shop dedicated to Hat
sprite wings Razorback
squid AM, Fish's high altar
squishi BP, Garden Walk
stale beer south of Bandit's Camp (Gloomy) & inside Barbarian's Winter Camp
stale coffee Pseudopolis yard watchhouse
stale potions Mad Stoat
stale tea Bad Ass, Witch's Guild
starling feathers Sto Lat, Sewers
sticky buns AM Bakeries
stone chips Sandelfon's Chamber (divine hand) and Pishe's chamber (divine hand)
stones Sandelfon's Chamber (divine hand) & Sto Lat, Market Centre
stony sand Klatch, Oasis
storybooks Bois
straw Bois
strawberry shortcakes AM Bakeries
streamers Hat's Chamber (divine hand)
style Monks of Cool
suffering AM, Sek's high altar
sugar Bad Ass, Witch's Guild
sunfish AM, Fish's high altar
surprised natives Brown Island
swamp gas Genua, main gate area & Bois
sweat Barbarian's Winter Camp, entrance
swordfish AM, Fish's high altar
tacky underpants Thieves' Guild, ground level
tears Pishe's chamber (divine hand) and Sek's high altar
terracotta shards Bes Pelargic, Tuna Walk
terrified drop bears AM, Hat high altar
terrified groundhogs AM, Hat high altar
terrified walruses AM, Hat high altar
terrified wombats AM, Hat high altar
test tubes AM, Alchemists' Guild
thimbles AM, Gapp's low altar
thread AM, Gapp's low altar
ticket stubs AM, Dolly Sisters Watch House
tickets Pseudopolis Yard watchhouse
tiny carcasses AM, Hat's high altar
tiny octopi Fish's chamber (Divine Hand)
tiny purple flowers Pishe's chamber (divine hand)
tiny salamanders Pishe's chamber (divine hand)
toadstools Wolf's Trail, east of
tortoise shells DJB, southwest of southern Gate
tortoises Ephebian Desert
towels AM, Pishe gardens
toy castles Genua
toy crystal balls Genua
toy fairies Genua
toy frogs Genua
toy guardsmen Genua
toy musketeers Genua
toy pirates Genua, Eastern Docks
toy princesses Genua
toy soldiers Genua
toy unicorns Genua
toy witches Genua
toy zebras Genua
trousers AM, Gapp's low altar
trout Fish's chamber (Divine Hand)
tumbleweeds Ephebian Desert
turtles AM, Fish's high altar
twigs Pekan Ford, Carriage Stop & Bois
very startled alpacas AM, Hat's high altar
very startled chickens AM, Hat's high altar
very startled ptarmigan Barbarian's Winter Camp, just south of it
very surprised alpacas AM, Hat's high altar
very surprised anthropomorphic sofa springs AM, Hat's high altar
very surprised star-nosed moles AM, Hat's high altar
villainy AM, Mended Drum
vines Rainforest
vomit Genua, Bank
vulture feathers Hat's Chamber (divine hand)
warm felt AM, Gapp's low altar
warm flannel AM, Gapp's low altar
water AM, Pishe gardens & Fish's chamber (Divine Hand)
water drops Pishe's chamber (Divine Hand)
watermelons DJB, melon farm
whales AM, Fish's high altar
wheat Dinky, main street
whine AM, Mended Drum
whirling blades Klatch, Oasis
whispers Listening Monks temple
white fur Barbarian's Winter Camp, just south of it
white gems AM, Sandelfon High Altar, Sandelfon's Corridor (divine hand)
white sand Ephebian Desert
withered carrots Listening Monks temple
withered potatoes Scrogden
withered turnips Hillshire
wolf fur Bois
wood Bois
wood shavings Lancre
wooden splinters Escrow, Town sq.
worried bunnies AM, Hat's high altar
worried chickens AM, Hat's high altar
worried ferrets AM, Hat's high altar
worried naked mole rats Hat's Chamber (divine hand)
worried star-nosed moles AM, Hat's high altar
worried troll children AM, Hat's high altar
yarrow stalks Bad Ass, Witch's Guild
yellow sand Ephebian Desert
zombie bits Bleak Prospect
zombie ears Bleak Prospect
zombie noses Bleak Prospect
zombie toes Bleak Prospect
seaweed Beach
sea-shells Beach


Holy symbol


Type Offensive
Step Count2
ComponentsHoly symbol
Required PowersSpeech, Movement
Will Attempt to Resist N/A
Will Be Angered No/Unknown