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All Gods, except Pishe, can be worshipped by non-priests. Doing this you will be granted two rituals which you can use if you're within the God's alignment. This page contains everything you need to know (or I can be bothered to write down) about followers' rituals, alignment and faith. For deeper, more extensive info, browse through the other pages on this website!

How to worship a god

In order to worship a god, you'll need to declare your faithfulness to Him. This can be done by "pray"ing to the god of your choice at one of His high altars. To find the closest temple to you, consult one of many great Discworld maps.

Where to go for what?

Now that's fairly straightforward: you can learn your rituals from an instructor in the vestry of any temple of your god. You can learn some basic faith levels at your own guild, but to be able to use your rituals reliably, you will need to learn additional levels from a friendly priest.

What's in it for me?

You get rituals! Two flashy, funky, sometimes even useful rituals! Worshipper rituals are as follows:


Your alignment depends on a number of factors. The biggest factor no doubt are the npcs you kill. When you kill an evil npc, you'll get better. When you kill a good npc, you'll get evil. Note that the act of killing itself is evil, you'll get evil by killing neutral npcs too!

Apart from that, other things will influence your alignment: praying moves you closer to your ideal alignment. The higher your fa.ri.sp bonus, the more efficient your praying will be; shattering a relic will change your alignment drastically, depending on which god's relic you shatter you'll heavily shift towards good or evil; and finally, a number of smaller, less know things will influence your alignment as well!

More info on alignment can be found somewhere else, on a certain page, on this website!

Changing gods

Thanks to a fairly new concept (depending on when you read this), it is now possible to abandon your god and worship another god instead. This is a slow and intensive process, in order to avoid that people will hop from one god to another whenever they are tired of their rituals. Below is the official description of the procedure you have to follow, as it was developed by our loved creator Elera.

  • The worshipper must first renounce their faith, with 'renounce faith' at a high altar.
  • The supplicant must 'supplicate' at the appropriate altar to begin the supplication process.
  • The supplicant must supplicate at the appropriate altar at least once every 2 hours spent online.
  • The supplicant must be in the proper alignment when supplicating.
  • The supplicant must supplicate a minimum of 60 times.
  • A minimum of 30 round world days must elapse between the time of initial or restarted supplication and the time at which the supplicant becomes a member of the church.
  • A minimum of 5 days of online time must elapse before becoming a member of the church.

If the supplicant takes too long between supplications, the process will start over from the beginning. If the supplicant wishes to cease supplicating a deity, 'renounce faith' will allow them to do so. Once a person leaves a church, they can only rejoin that church or another via supplication. Initial choosing of a deity will be the same as always. Though you can supplicate more frequently than every two hours without penalty, it is not rewarded in any manner, so spamming is not profitable.

These details are covered in the help file for the high altars. You can read it with 'help altar' in the room with one. If your altar has a different name (plinth, stone, etc), you will need to use 'help plinth' etc.


Zeus, the Swift Assassin of Raven House

Just my thoughts about changing Gods. :)

I was quite surprised after returning to the MUD from a holiday to find the rituals for the Gods had been changed. Even so, I was initially pleased about the changes because I have always thought a bit more diversity and variety in the priest rituals granted to followers would be a good thing.

However, I was not particularly happy with the rituals Gapp's followers were granted (mend and cool) so I decided to renounce the path of fashionable clothing and become a fluff worshipper in the hope of eventually re-learning cure light wounds, a ritual that has served me well for a long time. Summon fluff sounded pretty funky as well, so I started supplicating Gufnork... And supplicating... And supplicating... Even now, nearly a month into the supplication process, I am only halfway to achieving my goal.

For what it's worth, I think the supplication process is a bit too restrictive. I can't venture far away from Gufnork's temples because of the ever-present fear of having to restart the entire process if I am a minute late with my supplication. I have delayed exploring Genua because there is no access to a temple of Gufnork there... I did manage to portal myself there once but after an hour and a half exploring the Mano Rossa headquarters I had to rush back to Ankh-Morpork.

The changes have affected my gameplay adversely in some ways. I love wandering around exploring new (and old) areas whilst keeping a sharp eye out for any contracts in the books. However in the month or so I have been back on the Disc I have spent most of my time running around the terrains close to Ankh-Morpork or idling in the city itself. This gets a tad boring after a while. It hasn't ruined my experience of the Disc (no Droves for the foreseeable future) but it has dampened my enthusiasm for logging into the MUD slightly because I know I'll just end up doing the same old thing.

I can understand the in-game need to make the process of changing Gods quite difficult, but at the same time looking at the supplication process from the perspective of the books I can't see the Gods being quite so reluctant to accept new followers. If anything, surely they would embrace converts, as the Gods derive their power from their worshippers. The Discworld Gods may be jealous but they also seem to be quite greedy and power-hungry... If Gufnork will accept a complete newbie into his service instantly then why should He be so strongly opposed to accepting experienced players into the fold when such players can only increase His power and influence? And quite possibly attract other converts into the bargain.

I do agree with the need for a supplication process but the difficulty of the current process is a bit too much for my liking. Perhaps increasing the time limit to every three or four hours (which still entails supplication at least twice every Discworld day) or altering the penalty for being late to losing a day from the supplication process instead of starting from scratch would make it less of a drag.


Zeus the Swift Assassin of Raven House.