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This page contains an overview of all the joinable deities on Discworld. Each God has a short description stating his or her strong and weak point and which alignment they require. We will NOT give a rating to the different Gods. This is always subjective and we think you should make up you own mind, based on the alignment, the rituals granted or role-playing possibilities.

General Info

How to join a Priests Guild, can be found at the main page. But first you should carefully consider which God you want to serve. Do you feel like fighting? Maybe you want to help people? Fond of fine clothes? All these things might influence your choice.

To make the decision a little easier we've marked the rituals in different colors: RED for offensive rituals, GREEN for defensive rituals and GREY for miscellaneous rituals. (This does not necessarily mean that they only use those respectively sub skills)

God Related Bonuses

Each God provides the opportunity to get an bonus in performing rituals, under special circumstances. These are:

  • Pishe: when it's raining
  • Gapp: when wearing the right fashion ("finger gapp")
  • Gufnork: when carrying fluff
  • Sandelfon: when indoors
  • Fish: when underwater
  • Hat: when in the company of 4 other priests, or when at any high altar
  • Sek: when in combat
  • All Gods: shortly after having prayed or buried a corpse using the ritual bury command
  • All Gods: when at your own high altar
  • All Gods: when close to a temple of your God

Guild Point Usage, and Modifiers

Quiet recently, some priests have noticed a fluctuation in guild points used by rituals. Apparently some negative modifiers can increase the amount of guild points needed to perform a ritual. These modifiers are

  • nearly out of alignment (You can barely feel the presence of ...)
  • far from a temple of your God (You are far away from holy ground)
  • a state of drunkenness or being poisoned
  • performing a ritual from a faith rod

Specific God Information

  • Pishe (as good as you can get - barely good)
  • Gufnork (quite good - neutral)
  • Gapp (quite good - neutral)
  • Sandelfon (barely good - barely evil)
  • Fish (neutral - evil)
  • Hat (neutral - quite evil)
  • Sek (barely evil - as evil as you can get)