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Titles are used when someone uses the ‘who’ command in one of its forms, or using ‘refer laotzu’. They will appear after your name followed by the name of your god. For example: LaoTzu The Taoist the Prelate of Hat

Also available are pre-titles which go in front of your name. Besides the generic titles, available to players, every guild has its own special set of titles. As you advance in the guild, your religious instructor will provide you with special titles. These instances include amongst others: "Brother", "Reverend", "Blessed", "Venerable", and "Holy". Ministers and High Priests also find that their positions are available as pre titles.

Your title will also be followed by other information, including a title of your choosing, a quest name and any other positions you may hold, e.g.

You are Minister LaoTzu The Taoist the Prelate of Hat, Enlightened, the leader of the-Way, Secretary to the High Priest of Hat, Coffee Bean.

Guild Level and Guild Title achieved

0-9 Convert
10-19 Altar Boy/Girl
20-29 Beadle
30-39 Choir Boy/Girl
40-49 Acolyte
50-59 Follower
60-69 Verger
70-79 Novice
80-89 Sexton
90-99 Sectary
100-109 Almoner
110-119 Choir Soloist
120-129 Sectator
130-139 Sideman/woman
140-149 Preacher
150-159 Missionary
160-169 Votary
170-179 Minister
180-189 Canon
190-199 Chaplain
200-209 Precentor
210-219 Disciple
220-229 Revivalist
230-239 Church Warden
240-249 Deacon
250-259 Proselytizer
260-269 Prior
270-279 Pastor
280-290 Archdeacon
290-299 Abbot
300-309 Penitentiary
310-319 Curate
320-329 Prelate
330-339 Archpriest(ess)
340-344 Parson
345-349 Bishop
350-354 Confessor
355-359 Convertor
360-364 Dean
365-369 Archbishop
370-374 Apostle
375-379 Cardinal
380-384 Elder
385-389 Dogmatist
390-394 Witness
395-399 Fanatic
400-404 Grand Penitentiary
405-409 Hierophant
410-414 Primate
415-419 Zealot
420-404 Holy Shepherd
425-429 Archcardinal
430-434 Patriarch
435-??? Beatified

(This table to gl 350 was composed and donated by Pthag)