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= [[Meditate]] =
= [[Meditate]] =
[[Category:Rituals with no meditate information]]
[[Category:Rituals with limited meditate information]]
| type=d
| steps=4
| target=Others, Self
| components=[[Holy symbol]], [[Prayer book]]
| powers=???
| resist=na
[[Category:Gufnork Rituals]]
[[Category:Gufnork Rituals]]

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Holy Aegis
GP Cost 80
Learnt At 65 in faith.rituals.defensive
Skills Used faith.rituals.defensive.self or faith.rituals.defensive.target
Requirements Prayer book
Granted By Gufnork
Best Baton(s)


Best Cane


Shelters a target from harm.


Help File

Aegis places your target under the protection of your god, reducing any damage they incur based on your skills. You need a prayer book and a holy symbol consecrated to your god to perform this ritual.


> perform holy aegis on me
You kneel in prayer.
You close your eyes and think of higher things.
You chant the psalm of sheltering.
Your hands begin to glow with a soft light.
The glow spreads down your arms from your hands and seems to sink into your body.
You feel that the hand of a higher being is sheltering you from harm.

Granted By


Learnt At

faith.rituals.defensive level 65

Skills Used

faith.rituals.defensive.self or faith.rituals.defensive.target

Base GP Cost

80 GP


Prayer book


Type Defensive
Step Count4
TargetOthers, Self
ComponentsHoly symbol, Prayer book
Required Powers???
Will Attempt to Resist N/A
Will Be Angered No/Unknown