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GP Cost 90
Learnt At 120/78 in faith.rituals.offensive.target
Skills Used faith.rituals.offensive.target
Requirements Amulet and 2 severed hands
Granted By Hat and Sek
Best Baton(s)


Best Cane


Creating visions to invoke fear in your targets.


Performing this ritual will summon a vision of fear which effects all present in the room with the priest. Those that are affected by this vision will flee the room in terror, similar to the fear ritual.

Help File

Horror is an offensive ritual, which summons a vision of such fear that all those affected by it flee in terror, and has the potential to affect everyone in the room with the priest.

You will need a holy amulet and two severed hands to perform this ritual. As well, your hands will need to be free in order to manipulate the severed hands.


> perform horror
You sing a prayer of fear.
You focus on everyone around you.
You hold up two severed hands.
You call upon Sek to inspire terror in those around you.
You cry out as Sek accepts your sacrifice.
You sense waves of terror washing across you.

Granted By

Hat and Sek

Learnt At

Skills Used


Base GP Cost

90 GP


Holy amulet and 2 severed hands