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Parasitic Vision
GP Cost 20
Learnt At 225 in faith.rituals.offensive.target
Skills Used faith.rituals.offensive.target
Requirements Symbol
Granted By Hat
Best Baton(s)


Best Cane


Taps a spiritually linked victim to share their vision.


Give the performer a glimpse through the eyes of a person they have a spiritual link with. The link is formed by the companion ritual, Unwilling Host.

Help File

The ritual Parasitic Vision can be used to see through another's eyes, seeing what they see. You may only perform this ritual if you have already achieved spiritual dominance over the victim via Unwilling Host. To perform this ritual you will need a holy symbol consecrated to your god.


> perform unwilling host on vy
You recite the psalm of infiltration.
You speak the prayer of impregnation.
You indicate your desire to become an unexpected guest in Vy of Fish's body.
A sickly green glow swirls around Vy of Fish before disappearing under her skin.

> perform parasitic vision
You recite the psalm of vision.
You concentrate on the divine bond you have created.
You attempt to draw energy from your unwilling host.
Your vision clouds over for a second, to be replaced by that of Vy of Fish:

Walls of muslin and linen flutter against the wooden posts of this small stall.  Puffs of dust drift from the fabric
into the still, stuffy air.  The floor of hard-packed dirt gives up whiffs of dust at each footfall.  A wooden table
sits in the center of the stall.  A few heavy tapestry-covered cushions are scattered about, along with some half-empty
cups which appear to hold the dregs of Klatchian coffee.  A ledger and pen are chained to the table.
There is one obvious exit: east.
A glass display case and an instructional sign are on the floor.

Granted By


Learnt At

faith.rituals.offensive.target level 225

Skills Used


Base GP Cost

20 GP


Holy symbol