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= Rituals =
= Rituals =
See: [[:Category:Pishe Rituals]]
See: [[:Category:Pishe Rituals]] or [[Learnt at level table/Pishe|Pishe's table of the levels at which rituals are learnt]]

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Pishe, Goddess of Light Showers is focused upon growth and regeneration. Her slight showers are ideal for the proliferation of plants, which in turn nurture animals and people. Her priestesses often live peaceful lives, devoted to the protection of the living things which Pishe loves so dearly. She is generally viewed as the matron of healers, herbalists, and anyone else that shares Her love of growth.

The commandments of Pishe include: Be the vessel through which My showers of mercy rain down upon all of those in need, whether they ask it or not, for in bringing My mercy unto them, thou bringest thyself unto Me.

She only wants worshippers who are between as good as you can get and barely good.
She doesn't want any followers.


See: Category:Pishe Rituals or Pishe's table of the levels at which rituals are learnt