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= Skills Used =
= Skills Used =
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Security Blanket
GP Cost 155
Learnt At  ???
Skills Used  ???
Requirements Holy symbol
Granted By Gufnork
Best Baton(s)


Best Cane


Provides a defensive shield for you and your friends


Provides a large group oriented protective field.

Help File

Security Blanket will place a protective aura around you which extends to anyone in your group who is in the same room as you. You'll need a holy symbol consecrated to your god to perform Security Blanket.


You speak a short prayer.
You meditate on your responsibilities as a pastor.
You call upon Gufnork to protect your flock.
By the grace of Gufnork, you and your companions are shielded by a protective aura.

Granted By


Learnt At


Skills Used


Base GP Cost



Holy symbol