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Costs are, of course, best guesses based on what their pages say.



Name GP Pishe Gufnork Gapp Sandelfon Fish Hat Sek
Cure Serious Wounds 45 yes yes yes yes
Restore 150 yes
Resurrect 270 yes


Name GP Pishe Gufnork Gapp Sandelfon Fish Hat Sek
Wrath 90 yes yes yes
Chant 70 yes yes yes
Blight 75 yes yes
Holy Weapon 90 yes yes


Name GP Pishe Gufnork Gapp Sandelfon Fish Hat Sek
Holy Aegis 80 yes
Major Shield 120 yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Holy Sanctuary 60 yes yes yes


Name GP Pishe Gufnork Gapp Sandelfon Fish Hat Sek
Totem 40 yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Creeping Doom 90 yes
Dust Devil 50 yes yes yes yes yes yes yes


Name GP Pishe Gufnork Gapp Sandelfon Fish Hat Sek
Dark Sight 15 yes yes
Breathe Underwater 20 yes
Devout Inquisition 20 yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Parch 20 yes yes yes yes yes
Detect Magic 25 yes yes
Mend 30 yes
Withering Touch 35 yes yes
Find 45 yes yes
Longsight 45 yes yes
Remember Place 45 yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Holy Sacrifice 55 yes yes
Holy Insight 60 yes yes yes
Profound Darkness 70 yes
Divine Sentinel 170 yes yes yes
Visit 180 yes
Divine Hand 200 + 50 per passanger yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

Custom prayer beads

Base materials: Black steel platinum, electrum, leather, rawhide, bronze, copper, pewter, ribbon, silver, sinew, brass, steel, gold, cord, wire and iron.

Beads: black diamond, lapis lazuli, rock crystal, golden pearl, black steel, black pearl, rose quartz, alexandrite, chalcedony, aventurine, blue pearl, heliotrope, andalusite, bloodstone, sandalwood, cordierite, indicolite, tourmaline, serpentine, aquamarine, carnelian, rhodolite, morganite, moonstone, amazonite, turquoise, verdelite, ankhstone, tanzanite, malachite, sinhalite, lodestone, benitoite, chestnut, hematite, amethyst, sodalite, ironwood, achroite, rosewood, sunstone, ametrine, obsidian, titanite, mahogany, sapphire, hyaline, citrine, peridot, diamond, kunzite, dravite, hickory, emerald, jasper, silver, wooden, spinel, violan, garnet, pyrite, iolite, morion, halite, bronze, walnut, copper, coral, agate, steel, topaz, maple, beryl, ebony, balsa, amber, pearl, shell, ivory, glass, cedar, brass, ruby, bone, opal, teak, jade, onyx, pine, elm, jet and oak.

Decorations: well-used, enamelled, sparkling, lacquered, darkened, polished, gleaming, engraved, chipped, ground, carved, smooth, inlaid, gilded, shiny, rough, aged, worn and none

Charms: strange creature with seven arms, chocolate covered coffee bean, tiny model of a human skull, withered piece of a saint, tiny list of commandments, miniature sailing ship, miniature prayer book, petrified coffee bean, tiny champagne bottle, tiny ship in a bottle, fluffy rabbit's foot, miniature red brick, tiny set of clothes, model of Sandelfon, miniature suitcase, tiny silver needle, tiny bottle of rum, tiny pewter shield, fluffy womble doll, dusty grey feather, tiny fold-out bed, miniature dolphin, crystal raindrop, model of Gufnork, miniature rabbit, miniature dagger, silver fishhook, golden fishhook, spool of thread, small corridor, model of Pishe, silver chalice, phial of water, black crystal, golden needle, model of Gapp, ball of fluff, votive candle, white crystal, whale's tooth, model of Fish, vulture head, grey crystal, scarlet hand, model of Hat, model of Sek, wisdom tooth, shark tooth, small cloud, yeti tooth, small fish, tiny quill, wolf tooth, rat heart, ribbon and none.

Number of beads: one hundred and fifty, two hundred and fifty, three hundred, thirty-seven, thirty-eight, seventy-five, twenty-eight, thirty-three, twenty-seven, thirty-five, one hundred, two hundred, forty-seven, thirty-four, twenty-five, forty-eight, twenty-nine, thirty-nine, forty-three, thirty-six, forty-five, thirty-two, thirty-one, forty-four, twenty-six, forty-two, forty-one, forty-six, thirty, forty and fifty

25 Pine beads on iron links with no charm and no decoration = $60

Gemma once said, "I currently have too much brass wire, so I can make prayer beads cheaply with it."