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GP Cost 100
Learnt At 150 in faith.rituals.misc.self
Skills Used faith.rituals.misc.self
Requirements Symbol and alcohol
Granted By Hat
Best Baton(s)

Purple, Ribboned

Best Cane


allows you to unexpectedly appear next to someone


The perfect misc ritual: fun, useless and unique. This ritual moves the performer next to a RANDOM player on the Disc. Again, random, as in not targetable. Use? None, except scaring other players. Beware, this could also put you next to a player in the snail, shades, medina, under the sea or in any location you'd rather not end up.

Help File

Visit allows you to visit someone unexpectedly. The person who you visit is generally random, so this can take you nearly anywhere on the Disc. You need a holy symbol consecrated to your god and some alcohol to perform this ritual.


> perform visit

You raise your hands in the air, crying out to Hat to fill you with the spirit of uninvited guests everywhere.
You trace your holy symbol into the shape of a simple door in front of you.
The invisible door before you seems to open, and you step through.

It is night and there is no moon.
The mists curl in from the swamp, shrouding this stretch of Market Street in a pallid gloom, the area known affectionately by its inhabitants as Llamedos Fach. Amongst the ghostly silhouettes of houses the bright lights of a shop shine brightly, a beacon against the grey half-light of the mists. The houses here are huddled together like damp crows in a thunderstorm, thatched roofs dripping with the damp. A dark shadow between two tumbledown cottages to the southwest of the street marks where Dolmen Walk, a narrow cobbled alleyway, slinks away into the silence of the rolling mists.
The surrounding area is illuminated by the light from a nearby torch.
It is a very warm autumn prime's night with a gentle breeze and dense cloud cover.
There are four obvious exits: north, east, southwest and northwest.
Wodan is standing here.

You visit Wodan unexpectedly! Despite your generous gift of alcohol, (which you quickly conceal after showing it off) he doesn't look too pleased to see you.

Granted By


Learnt At

faith.rituals.misc.self level 150

Skills Used

Base GP Cost

100 GP


Holy symbol and alcohol


Type Miscellaneous
Step Count2
ComponentsHoly symbol
Required PowersSpeech, Movement
Will Attempt to Resist N/A
Will Be Angered No/Unknown