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Originally by Poyat, from the Priests board

How it works

When you learn the rituals you can start performing the rituals on consecrated items. Divine Guard doesn't require anything and costs around 100 GP while Divine Sentinel costs around 170 GP, a block of incense and also requires your prayer book with the correct prayer inside it. When you do successfully perform the ritual on an item you can then "bestow" a ritual on that item which go off when the item is stolen.


The syntax is "bestow <ritual> on <item>".

Now, when you bestow a ritual onto an item, it usually uses the exact amount of GP as if you are performing the ritual normally. So lets say I want to put Major Shield in an item so that if it gets stolen, I get Major Shielded, it will cost 120 GP. So, that's 100 GP (170 GP if using Sentinel) plus the 120 GP, then you have to repeat this another 2 times for the other two rituals (if desired). So you should expect having to spend over 550 GP and 2 blocks on incense on average per item which makes warding a very time consuming business. And that's before you consider the very high likelihood of failing the bestow.


The syntax is "scour wards from <item>".

Scouring wards from an object uses faith.items.scroll[1], and can result in triggering the wards instead of scouring them harmlessly (the probability of doing this seems to rise with the number of wards on an item). It takes 50 gp per ward (up to 150 gp for an item with three wards on it).


Now, when you have successfully warded your item you will notice some colours around the items.

  • Red means an offensive ritual that will be targeted on the thief (think Visions, Blight, Feedback, Paralysis, etc.)
  • Blue means a defensive ritual that will be performed on the victim (think Dust Devil, Major Shield, etc.)
  • Green means some sort of healing ritual or something will be reversed and targeted on the thief (Cure Light Wounds, Relief)
  • White means a miscellaneous ritual (target may vary depending on ritual), such as Divine Hand or Mend.
  • Yellow may no longer exist.

Yellow Explanation

Like when I mix up Feedback and Relief I get "It has a colourful aura, with flickers of red and yellow." I'm presuming that Yellow means a colour that interacts between thief and victim, in the case of Relief the thief's GP is given to the victim.


When a ritual is just the colour, it means there is only one type of ritual that falls under that category on the item. For example, if we have a ring with Visions] on it, it will have a "red aura" and that is it, but if I add Agoraphobia to it also I will get a "dark red aura" showing that there are two offensive rituals on it. If I place a third offensive ritual, it becomes an "ominous red glow".

I have a gold ring with Dust Devil, Minor Shield and Cure Light Wounds, and it currently says "It has a colourful aura, with flickers of green and dark blue." - green for the 1 healing ritual, dark blue for the 2 defensive ones.

A silver ring that has Dark Sight and Holy Sacrifice and, let's say, Cure Medium Wounds will have a dark white aura (*chuckles*) and green.


Misc. Information

Learnt At Levels

Divine Guard and Divine Sentinel are learnt by advancing faith.rituals.defensive.target. Still don't have exact levels, but I'm presuming 150 for guard and 220 for sentinel.


The process of bestowing a ritual as a ward uses faith.items.scroll, with the difficulty depending upon the difficulty of the ritual you're bestowing, rather than its GP cost. For example, Blight - which is a relatively cheap ritual at only 70 GP - is extremely difficult to ward with, just as it is extremely difficult to perform.

Warding Order

I'm told that the order of the how the rituals are put into an item is significant. Let's say someone puts Fumble and then Stasis onto an item; the thief will fumble and then get put in the stasis ball. However, if I put Stasis and then Fumble into an item, it puts the thief into a stasis ball and then they get fumbled. The rituals are "performed" by the ward essentially simultaneously, but the ones bestowed first are are applied first.

Rituals of Different Gods

You can get rituals from different gods by giving your item to a fellow priest, let them consecrate and bestow and then they give the item back from you. So it's possible for a Hat priest to have a combination like Paralysis, Blight and Relief. Note that the required consecration makes this process effectively impossible for faith rods and other faith items (which cannot any longer be consecrated to a new god).

Note also that the "bestow" syntax does not permit warding with a ritual from a faith rod, so your god must grant the ritual which you wish to bestow. (Having Divine Sentinel on a faith rod is fine, however.)

Useful Combinations