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= Skills Used =
= Skills Used =
[[Category:Rituals needing to be mocked]]

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GP Cost 80
Learnt At 80 in faith.rituals.offensive.target
Skills Used faith.rituals.offensive.target
Requirements Incense
Granted By Fish, Hat and Sek
Best Baton(s)


Best Cane


Brings down the anger of a deity on a target.


Wrath places your gods curse upon the target, acting as a reverse bless, reducing some of the targets stats. Which stats are affected appears random, and the total loss is greater when performed by highly skilled priests.

Help File

Wrath will temporarily lower some stats of a target. You will need a block of incense in order to perform this ritual.


> perform wrath on Dasquian
You say a prayer over Dasquian.
You say: I call on the wrath of Sek to punish you for your transgressions.
You feel the presence of Sek surround Dasquian.

Granted By

Fish, Hat and Sek

Learnt At

faith.rituals.offensive.target level 80

Skills Used

Base GP Cost

80 GP




Type Offensive
Step Count2
ComponentsIncense (consumed)
Required PowersSpeech
Will Attempt to Resist No
Will Be Angered No/Unknown