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The rituals listed below currently have no meditate information at all.

How to Help

If you are a priest of a god who grants one of the below rituals, you can go to the High Altar in one of your god's temples and use the "meditate" command on one of these rituals. You can then fill in the table on the rituals page with whatever details you obtained. The "full details" message appears to start with "You emerge from your meditative state with some insights." - if you get anything less than that (e.g. "You finish meditating and gain some knowledge."), you haven't got all of the details, but you can still safely fill in the details that you did get.

If one of the rituals listed below does have meditate information, remove it from this category. If, however, it only has limited meditate information, add the "Rituals with limited meditate information" category in its place.

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