Celestial Anchor

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Celestial Anchor
GP Cost 120
Learnt At  ???
Skills Used faith.rituals.offensive.target/defensive.self?
Requirements Symbol
Granted By Fish
Best Baton(s)


Best Cane


Protects from unwanted forms of spiritual travel


Oddly enough, a defensive ritual. It prevents the person from using most means of transportation (Divine Hand and Visit) and flying with a witch's broom and entering a door created with the wizard spell Jogloran's Portal of Cheaper Travel for a period of time. It is pk-checked.

You get a warning twenty seconds before it wears off, saying, "Your divine tethers are unravelling". When it wears off, you get a message saying, "Your divine tethers shimmer and vanish".

Help File

The Celestial Anchor ritual forms holy bonds tethering you or your target to the Disc. As long as the bonds last, the target cannot be wrested to a faraway place by forces divine or mundane. You'll need a holy symbol consecrated to your god to perform celestial anchor.


You recite a psalm of tranquility.

You speak a prayer of stability.
You pray to Fish to keep yourself firmly rooted to the Disc.
You are tethered to the Disc by the power of Fish.

Or, if you were already under the effects of the ritual:

Your divine anchorage has been renewed.

If you try to passage while under the effects of the ritual:

You say a prayer over a ribboned baton (consecrated to Fish and remembering).

You attempt to visualise the place that you remembered.
You pray to Fish to grant you the means to travel there.
You meditate on the glory of Fish but your divine anchorage keeps you tethered in place.

If you trigger a Divine Hand ward while under the effects of the ritual:

>scour wards from book

A bright white flash surrounds you as you trigger a religious ward!
You feel an unpleasant force attempting to tug you from reality, but your divine anchorage keeps you tethered in place.

Granted By


Learnt At

Either between 83 and 97 faith.rituals.defensive.target, or between 81 and 85 faith.rituals.defensive.

Skills Used

Base GP Cost



Holy symbol


Type Defensive
Step Count3
TargetYourself & Others
ComponentsHoly symbol
Required Powersspeech
Will Attempt to Resist Yes
Will Be Angered No/Unknown