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| resist=n
| resist=n
= See Also =
* [[Cure Light Wounds]]
* [[Cure Medium Wounds]]
* [[Heal]]
[[Category:Pishe Rituals]]
[[Category:Pishe Rituals]]

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Cure Serious Wounds
GP Cost 45
Learnt At 60 in faith.rituals.curing.target
Skills Used faith.rituals.curing.self/target
Requirements None
Granted By Pishe, Gufnork, Gapp and Sandelfon
Best Baton(s)

Pure White

Best Cane


Heals a large amount of damage.


An absolutely amazing ritual, well worth spending that bit of exp to get your hands on. Restoring up to 1000 hp from each performance. Although a fairly expensive healing rit, the gp cost is well worth it. This ritual is fairly slow to cast however, taking three rounds of combat. It is also fairly difficult to perform.

Help File

Cure Serious Wounds heals a target of a very large amount of damage. It requires a holy symbol consecrated to your deity to perform.

Ward Effect

When imbued as a ward, this ritual reverses itself and causes severe damage to the thief.


> perform cure serious wounds on me
You close your eyes and contemplate higher things.
You utter a prayer to assist in the regeneration of the body.
You feel healing energy surge through you.

Granted By

Pishe, Gufnork, Gapp and Sandelfon

Learnt At

faith.rituals.curing.target level 60

Skills Used

Base GP Cost

45 GP




Type Healing
Step Count2
TargetYourself & Others
Required PowersSpeech
Will Attempt to Resist No
Will Be Angered No/Unknown

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