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Discworld MUD Priests Guild Wiki!


This Wiki is made for and made by Discworld priests. These priests have spend a lot of their time to collect data to the best of their ability. In an effort to make this information widely available and as up to date as possible the old static pages of Warrax and LaoTzu have been converted into a wiki! Please use this information carefully. No one but yourself will be accountable for harm caused by incorrect data. If you feel anything is missing or incorrect, please register yourself (preferably with a DW alt's name) and make a contribution!

Table of Contents

  • Main page: That's here!
  • Newbie stuff: Newbie? Start here!
  • Followers: Information for non-priest followers
  • Gods: Information about the different gods
  • Rituals: A complete list of rituals, alphabetical or by god
  • Faith rods: A stick full of faith
  • Wards: Divine theft deterrence
  • Alignment: Nearly almost barely evil? Quite possibly very good?
  • Skills: What skills do we have?
  • Commands: Priest-specific commands
  • Components: Ritual components
  • Deity points: What are they? How to use them?
  • High priests: How to become/stay a high priest and what to do while you're in office
  • Misc info: Miscellaneous bits of information
  • Research and Ideas: Dump your brain here!
  • Credits: Credits to the previous owners and contributors of the Priests' Guild Website

Things to Update

Willing to contribute? Check out what we're still after!