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Sandelfon, God of Corridors and His followers are most at home in the large buildings where the powerful gather to orchestrate the lives of others. Dedicated to the careful balancing of things (often in their own favour), they frequently engage in complicated political manueverings to achieve their view of acceptable balance. Sandelfon is often worshipped by politicians, lawyers, bureaucrats, and administrators, whether their intentions be selfless or not.

Sandelfon's primary commandment is: If, in the greater or lesser scheme of things, thou or someone else doth see, or hear of, or think of a way in which a government, restaurant, organisation, or other undefined entity might be better managed and organized, thou, and whoever else is a worshipper unto Me, shall do their best to seek to improve the aforesaid government, restaurant, organisation, or other undefined entity, or petition to seek to improve the aforementioned if direct improvement is not possible or practical, and then thou shalt be among the most beloved of My children, unless sufficient other parties have completed such a task in a superior manner.

He only wants worshippers who are between barely good and barely evil.


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