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GP Cost 110
Learnt At 150 in
Skills Used
Requirements Amulet
Granted By Pishe and Gufnork
Best Baton(s)


Best Cane


Calms down someone in a berserker rage


The soothe ritual gently removes a berserking warrior from their crazed state without the usual stat penalties that apply from waiting for the effects to wear off.

Help File

The soothe ritual removes the target from a berserker rage or a sugar high with no other ill effects. You need a holy amulet to perform this ritual.


> perform soothe on beggar
You utter a prayer to Pishe.
You make soothing noises.
You call upon Pishe to take the berserker rage from a poor beggar.
The power of Pishe flows out of your hands and into a poor beggar.
The poor beggar stops in mid-snarl.

Granted By

Pishe and Gufnork

Learnt At level 150

Skills Used

Base GP Cost

110 GP


Holy amulet