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Recent edit to Blessed father, and how to find levels

Here is the note, as well as how to collect these stats:

I noticed that the title became available with the title command. ... You can set your player title to one of Blessed, Blessed father, Brother, Competent, Miss, Mostly reverend, Mr, Mrs, Ms and Reverend. ...

I checked my status: ... Your current experience is 17028 and you are level 220 in the priesthood of Pishe; your overall rating is 19700 ...

Be sure to fine tune it and other levels closer to the actual level as you find it. They are not exact. I am going to add a comment on the main page discussion, to see this needs to be added to the "inexact information" list.

New post-title levels

Does anyone know at what level(s) your title changes? Kione 20:05, 13 February 2010 (UTC)

These charts are far from complete but they seem to be filling in.
I extendended "Prayer Leader of Pishe" down to my level, as it seems I had it below the level indicated.