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Creates a table to display the output of the "meditate" command. Don't forget to "linkify" the components!


  • type: The ritual type; one of "o" (offensive), "d" (defensive), "c" or "h" (curing/healing), and "m" (miscellaneous)
  • steps: The number of steps, e.g. "2"
  • target: The target of the ritual, e.g. "Others", "Others, Self", "Object, Others", etc.
  • components: Any components needed by the ritual, e.g. "[[Holy symbol]], [[Incense]] (consumed), Skull"
  • powers: The "powers" (speech, etc.) required by the ritual, e.g. "Speech, Movement, Sight"
  • resist: Whether the target will attempt to resist the effects; one of "y" (yes), "n" (no) or "na" (N/A - used if the ritual doesn't target a living thing that could resist)
  • angered: Whether the target will be angered by the ritual; one of "y" (yes), "n" (no) or "na" (N/A - used if the ritual doesn't target a living thing that could be angered)

Insufficient Skills

If your skills are too low to get the full output from "meditate", leave out any parameters that you don't have data for (they will be replaced by "???" in the template) and add the page to the "Rituals with limited meditate information" category, if it isn't already in it, by adding the code "[[Category:Rituals with limited meditate information]]" immediately below the "= [[Meditate]] =" heading.

Example Usage

| type=o
| steps=2
| target=Others
| components=[[Holy amulet]]
| powers=Speech, Movement
| resist=y
| angered=y

Example Output

Type Offensive
Step Count2
ComponentsHoly amulet
Required PowersSpeech, Movement
Will Attempt to Resist Yes
Will Be Angered Yes