Temple of Small Gods

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The Temple of Small Gods can be found on the Street of Small Gods in Ankh-Morpork.

In the middle of the atrium on the ground floor there's a fountain that creates blue water, which heals you when you drink it.

On the east side, there are six rooms with npcs priests who will tell you about Hat (Scoone), Gapp (Guido), Fish (Fillet), Sandelfon (Hannah), Sek (Rudolpho), and Gufnork (Christopher). Scoone is of particular interest, since if you're new enough, you can say "help" in his presence and he'll offer to passage you to any of Ankh-Morpork's temples of worshipable deities.

Further east, and then north, is the old Pishe pool. It used to be where you could buy lives--now to do that you need to go the Pishe waterpark (in the room just northwest of Tore Kare) or the Pishe pool in Lancre.

A bit south of the pool is Florette the bunny rabbit, and southwest of her is a garden where you can gather various herbs (yarrow, comfrey, rosemary, thyme, fennel, parsley, basil, eyebright, and sage) and vegetables (lettuce, carrots, and garlic).

On the west side of the ground floor, you'll find the voting office (to vote in elections for high priest), a room for ministers, and the office of Harry (who will helpfully perform raise dead on any ghosts who come in). There's also a filing room (there doesn't seem to be anything in particular to do there).

In the rooms off of the southern cloister, there are several shops:

Aside from these shops, if you go upstairs (from the fountain, south twice and then up), you'll meet Gemma, who can make you a set of custom prayer beads. There's also Rawrax, who wanders around downstairs--he can make a priest hat for you, according to your rank and which deity you worship. Franky Figgs, another wandering npc, sells a variety of priestly jewellery.

Upstairs on the west side, there's a corridor (the Guild School) with a few things of interest. In the west half of the corridor are two classrooms for ritual practice. They each have imps which you can use for ritual targets. Also, in the far west room is a tome which you can study in order to learn various theology arguments (these arguments are needed to debate theology ("debate theology with <person>"--you can debate with players or npcs), which is basically a gp fight that can apparently, sometimes, help you tm faith.rituals.defensive or faith.rituals.offensive skills). In the east part of the corridor are a classroom and a chapel which may or may not have any particular use.

If you go nearly all the way upstairs, just below the bell tower, you'll find the God Squad--at least when they're not out defending an npc priest. Attacking them here is probably a really bad idea.