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Detect Magic
GP Cost 25
Learnt At 7 in faith.rituals
Skills Used
Requirements None
Granted By Gufnork and Sandelfon
Best Baton(s)

Purple, Ribboned

Best Cane


Detects if an item is enchanted


This will cause the targeted item to emit an amber glow which gives an indication of how enchanted the item, the same as what wizards and witches would see in octarine upon glancing at the item. Can be useful now that higher enchantments decay over time.

Help File

The Detect Magic ritual gives you an indication of how magical the target is by showing an octarine glow around it, with different levels of light indicating different strengths of enchantment.


> perform detect magic on baton
You recite the psalm of acquisition.
You chant something holy sounding to fool the unbelievers.
You indicate your desire to find out information about a dull grey baton.
It emits a bright octarine colour.

Granted By

Gufnork and Sandelfon

Learnt At

faith.rituals level 7

Skills Used

Base GP Cost

25 GP




Type Miscellaneous
Step Count3
Required PowersSight, Speech
Will Attempt to Resist No
Will Be Angered No/Unknown