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Priestess of Pishe

I am able to restore your soul, heal your wounds, resurrect your spirit, and transport your being.


Born in Ephebe. Ephebian is my native tongue. I am, however, also a fluent speaker of Morporkian, Agatean, and Djelian.

Member of Taxi

I spend the majority of my time just praying on the Disc until someone needs my assistance.


I am very happy to discuss game mechanics and anything related to our discworld but in order to maintain who I am on this world, I avoid discussions relating to the round world.

Charm Chasers

Founder of Charm Chasers (formerly Charm Collectors & Traders)

I like charms.

I collect primarily porcelain charms and one of every shape.

Join the Charm Chasers and receive a free charm bracelet filled with random charms.

DWPriests Wiki Admin

I can help you with updating information here on DWPriests wiki or help you create an account so that you can edit the pages yourself.

Persephone (talk) 19:42, 19 June 2018 (BST)