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With this ritual you can absorb the good or evil within a person leaving the opposite alignment behind in his body. The performing priest will have to face the Gods' wrath after assuming the target's misbehaviours. It requires a block of incense and a holy symbol.


perform absorb (some|all) (good|evil) in <target>

Skills used

fa.ri.sp fa.ri.mi.ta


This ritual will basically trigger an alignment shift for the target. When you change someone's alignment without consulting the Gods, you will of course have to suffer the consequences: the priest will experience a (smaller) alignment shift towards the alignment he absorbed and he will get struck by lightning after the ritual (a pure coincidence, obviously). In Disc terms: the priest's alignment will change, and he will suffer damage. The success/failure could be based on the fa.mi.ta bonus, while the amount of damage suffered would be based on the fa.ri.sp bonus (higher bonus, lower damage, of course).

To prevent abuse of this ritual, a player target would have to kneel down to the priest. (not npcs, otherwise you can't possibly test/experiment/tm with it)

Example of output: > Hubby the Warrior kneels down. perform absorb all evil in hubby > You start to hum a low, vibrating chant whilst lighting the incense. You cover Hubby the Warrior in smoke and put a hand on his head. Slowly you feel evil, unfamiliar thoughts penetrating your mind and soul. You say to Hubby the Warrior: "Arise and face the day a better man!". Hubby the Warrior stands up. A lightning bolt shoots down and hits you right on the head! Is that muttering you hear? Hp: 1381 (2567) Gp: 350 (417) Xp: 1245

Pro's and con's

The pro's for the target are obvious. For the priesthood, this ritual could add to our "social function". It would be another service we can provide. The con's for the priest are quite clear too: an alignment shift could take the priest outside his ideal alignment. If the damage would be sufficiently high (say, 1500 hp damage for an "absorb all", with a low fa.ri.sp bonus) it would certainly make priest think twice before performing the ritual!

I don't think many priests would try to use this ritual to better their own alignment (it _would_ be possible though), because praying and burying are much easier and generally less dangerous.

I'd expect this ritual to be rather hard and lengthly to perform.


If you don't feel like granting this ritual to every God, you could consider the following division:

  • Pishe: only gets absorb (some|all) evil in <target>
  • Sek: absorb (some|all) good in <target>
  • Sandelfon: gets both options due to being the neutral God.

A second possibility would be to grant this ritual ONLY to High Priests and Ministers. It would add something to the positions, without making it overpowered, unbalanced or too important.