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Using the rituals Detect Alignment and See Alignment I (with help from many fellow Pishites) was able to come up with the following ranges.

Pishites see these figures as purple and golden drops when using the Detect Alignment ritual with purple being the Evil side of the scale and golden the Good.

Alignment Ranges

Alignment Range
Extremely Good 24 to 50?
Very Good 12 to 23
Quite Good 6 to 11
Good 3 to 5
Barely Good 2
Neutral 0 and 1 of each colour
Barely Evil 2
Evil 3 to 5
Quite Evil 6 to 11
Very Evil 12 to 23
Extremely Evil 24 to 50?

I have been informed that there may be some variance in these results depending on skills and that there may be some overlap such as 1 being barely good and neutral. I am yet to see such overlap myself. As for skills, my bonus in was 340 at the time of the testing.