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This ritual is so overwhelming and impressing that the focus of your attention will lose faith in his own powers, resulting in a gp drop. You will mutilate yourself in the process, hence you'll need a sharp, pointy dagger.


perform faithful denigration on <target> abort

Skills used

fa.ri.of (skill check against opponent) fa.ri.of.ta (exchange rate gp/hp, initial skill check) (for staunching the wounds)


Being a servant of God is mostly about convincing others that you're right and they'll suffer if they don't believe you. With this ritual you'll demonstrate the power of your own belief to someone else, making them doubt their own strenght. In Disc terms, the priest will sacrifice his own hp to make the target lose gp.

Firstly, the priest will call upon his God and cut himself in various places to demonstrate his strong belief. Then _if_ the target is impressed (check priest's fa.ri.of against target's overall faith), he will lose a bit of gp with every cut the priest makes. As a hp to gp ratio, I'd suggest 5 to 8 hp for every gp, depending on the priest's fa.ri.sp bonus.

The priest will keep on cutting himself (and dying) until the target's faith gp runs out, or until the priest decides to "abort". Once the priest has stopped, he's try to staunch all his wounds (same skill check as "staunch bleeding" in holy sacrifice.

Possible output: > A thin man is standing here. perform faithful denigration on man > You call upon Sek to grant you the strenght to demonstrate your mighty believe in the Seven-handed God. You take on a dramatical pose and scream loudly as you raise your dagger. You put your dagger to your cheek and make a deep incision. Hp: 2289 (2500) Gp: 300 (417) Xp: 23890 The thin man looks slightly impressed. You put your dagger to your left arm and make a long incision. Hp: 2003 (2500) Gp: 306 (417) Xp: 23896 The thin man shuffles uncomfortably. You put your dagger to your right thumb and stab it. Hp: 1900 (2500) Gp: 312 (417) Xp: 23902 The thin man doesn't look too impressed about this. > abort denigration You put down your dagger and decide to stop showing off your belief.

A failed abortion: You try to focus on your severe blood loss, but you're too absorbed by your own display of faith. A successful "sucking of gp": You put your dagger down contentedly as you notice that the thin man has lost every bit of confidence.

Pro's and con's

Needless to say this is a _very_ dangerous ritual. Probably even more dangerous than holy sacrifice, because you'll be tempted to suck every gp out of the target. PKs will no doubt attack you as soon as you start performing this ritual. I think this nicely balances out the fact that it's a powerful ritual.


To further balance the ritual, it could trigger an auto-attack from npcs. I think this ritual would be best suitable for Sek, since he's the most offensively oriented god.

Holy wander by LaoTzu


When performing this ritual, you will be able to transcend your earthly being and wander around as a free mind for a limited amount of time. This ritual requires a set of prayer beads and a copy of the prayer "Visions of a better self".


perform holy wander wander <direction> wander home

Skills used to determine the success rate (bonus 360) fa.ri.sp to determine the distance one can travel (nr. of rooms = (bonus - 200)/20)


This could be described as a "scouting" ritual. You leave your body and scout your immediate surrounds for a while. It's not as useful as scrying, find or find corpse, but it sure beats stepping into the croc pit to see if the body is still down there! Whilst wandering, your body would be left behind mindlessly, so it could be subject to any attack without you knowing it...

Example of output: > perform holy wander You concentrate on your mind and the emptiness around you. You call upon Hat to assist you in freeing your mind. As the Hand of Hat reaches into your head, you feel your mind getting sucked out! <insert room description> Minister LaoTzu is staring into space here.

You feel liberated and ready to wander. >wander west <room description>

>wander west <room description>

You feel your mental link weakening.

>wander west <room description>

Suddenly everything goes black as you seem to lose the strenght to wander on. <Player unconscious because he wandered off to far or ran out of gp> You groan as you regain consciousness.

"wander home" will take you back to your body, without side-effects.

I'd mainly see this ritual for three gods: Pishe (helping and ressing), Sandelfon (let the mind wander through the corridors) and Hat ("Hi! I'm your neightbour and I'm mentally visiting you!")

Pro's and con's

You'd be able to scout ahead, without endangering yourself too much. Also, you'd be able to spy on a nearby subject without being seen. Wandering would cost 220 gp to perform the ritual, and drain 5 gp per heartbeat to maintain. This would leave the average priest enough time have a look around and explore the limitations of the ritual. The fact that your body stays behind unprotected and passively is not to be neglected, especially not for PKs, or in more dangerous areas...