Research and Ideas/Fish's Big Voyage by Polleke

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Summary: Fishite ritual that can only be performed underwater (and only in a large enough room) to summon a whale or other large seacreature that give the priest (and maybe his group) a lift to the surface.

Elaboration: As a Fishite being stuck on the bottom of the ocean is only an inconvenience (seeing as how you can perform breathe underwater to prevent drowning and allow you to passage out), so this ritual would probably only be a toy rit. But it would be very in-character to get help from seacreatures in getting to the surface. And what big animal would be more fun than a whale! :-) You summon it, it winks, you hold on and it swims up with you. Maybe you could even convince it to swim around on the surface so you could search for land with it. (I can just see the whale pirate fleet of fishites forming if this ever makes it into the game :-D). As said in the summary maybe it could also carry the whole group the fishite is part of (even bigger pirate fleets!).

Maybe a failure of the ritual could summon the wrong seacreature. Options could be: - a sardine (obviously too small to carry you to the surface) - a stoned seaturtle, maybe accompanied by a clownfish ;-) - a shark (which may or may not attack you, this would likely be insta-death for weaker priests if they are anything like the sharks in tuna bay) - a mermaid (or merman, in both cases the fishite would try to grab the wrong spot to hold on and the mermaid/man would tailslap him/her)

So, in conclusion, please please consider coding this :-)