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Since multi-priest rituals seems to be the new thing to speculate about, I thought I might add to the madness by submitting this idea report.

The basic idea is to make the Pishite resurrect ritual optionally include other (non-pishite) priests. (I say optionally here, but there could be a split so there's 2 rits: the old one-priest res and the new multi-priest one -should someone decide to code it of course ;)- ).

So what could these other priests contribute to bringing someone back to life ? My answer is: spell and rituals (yes, res currently restores some rits, but I'll try to specify how I see it happening with this new version).

The way I think the ritual might work: the pishite initiates the ritual and every priest in the room gets an option to join and thus help perform the ritual. The pishite maintains control, so he/she decides when the ritual starts (so essentially they have control over who else can help perform).

And now the fun part: how would the bringing back spells/rits work :) My idea is that different Gods would grant different spells/rits to be restored. A rough guide could be: Sek/Hat -> offensive rits/spells Fish/sandelfon -> misc rits/spells Gufnork/Gapp -> defensive rits/spells

You'll notice this doesn't mention what would happen if a second Pishite priest would participate in the rit. Options for this event could be: - higher xp return to the target - better chance of success - healing included in the resurrection - ...

Before cries of "OVERPOWARD!" are shouted, I'll try to address the balance issues as I see them. - Too easy to get all your rits/spells back: A solution for this could be twofold. You could limit the number of participating priests, so only 2 groups of rits/spells could be restored. And as a second measure the number of rits/spells restored should depend on the skills of the participating priests. (For example a check could determine the maximum mindspace the restored spells can occupy, then random spells are restored until this space is filled).

- Not fair that you get an xp return and rits/spells back: To me this isn't an issue really, because I don't think it'll be easy to get the cooperation of the maximum number of priests. Anyone who plays this game knows it's not always easy to get even one pishite to come resurrect you, so once you'll start asking for an extra sekkite, fishite, ... it won't become any easier to coordinate. So in this case I think the benefit is justified by the effort made.