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I would like to see player-created golems on the disc. The following are my ideas on how golems could be created, controlled, and maintained. Creating a golem would consist of two activities, making the actual physical shape of the golem, and writing the scroll. The creation of the physical shape would involve pottery skills: for the shaping of the golem, and then to complete the baking of the golem. It requires enough clay to form the golem, which first needs to be consecrated by the priest. Once the clay has been formed, it needs to be baked in a proper oven. The second part of creation is to write the words to go into the golem's head. This would use the skill to write. The scroll would contain information such as to whom the golem belongs, as well as which actions the golem can perform. These activities would be, for example, crafts commands, such as fix or leatherwork, or other commands such as judge or vurdere, or even covert commands such as steal, hide, plant. The bonuses in the skills used for these commands would be the average of the writing priest's bonus in the skill and the priest's bonus in The number of commands the priest can write on the chem is also decided by his bonus in The golem can be instructed by its owner to pick up items, give items to its owner, and to perform the commands it knows. For example, the golem could be instructed to pick up a damaged weapon, fix it for its owner, and return it. The golem is by nature a pacifist, and will not fight, not if instructed to do so, nor when attacked itself. It will attempt to block all attacks made against it, but otherwise will not involve itself in combat. Over time, the golem can sustain wear; should the golem be attacked and unable to block blows, it will damage sooner. To repair this damage, the golem must be given clay and be instructed to repair itself. The golem will not have a state of health, such as an npc, but rather a condition; should it sustain too much damage, the clay will shatter, and the golem be destroyed. The golem would be unable to speak, however it could report using a slate, what would be told in the case of commands like judge, or vurdere, as well as notifying the owner if it was damaged.