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Maximum Restored Xp for the Subject

The subject of the ritual will receive back a maximum of 75% of their before-death Xp, depending on a skillcheck that seems to compare the curing target bonus of the priest with the before-death Xp of the subject. The scaling factors and linearity or otherwise of the skillcheck are unknown, but it seems that 500 bonus in curing target will generally give the maximum return to the subject for resurrections involving up to at least 10 million death Xp. Data for higher death Xp resurrects is somewhat sparse.

Xp awarded to the deceased after death as a result of group actions, heartbeat, exploration etc is apparently not subject to these calculations and is instead returned 100% on resurrect or raise.

Maximum Reward Xp for the Performer

It seems that the performer will receive a maximum from the resurrect of the ((Death_Xp * 0.75) ^ 0.8) * 0.75, in addition to the ritual command Xp of 4050 (maximum) and approximately 105 heartbeat Xp during the performance of the ritual.

Lower bonuses may slow the ritual and increase the heartbeat Xp. Repeated and frequent performances of the ritual may reduce the command Xp. Neither of these factors affect the Xp return to the subject, but they may affect the Xp reward to the performer.

The "Degrees of Success"

Both of these skillchecks appear to involve a "degree of success" calculation rather than the more common "pass or fail" one.

The table below shows observed and calculated Xp returns for the resurrectee and the resurrector, based on a resurrector with a bonus of 516. Two relations have also been presented graphically, these are the subject's Xp return vs their death Xp, and the performer's Xp reward, also against the subject's death Xp.

XpPishe in the table is the performer's Xp increase after 4155 Xp has been subtracted for command Xp and heartbeat xp performing the ritual. Note that some subjects reported approximate values for one or both of their pre-death and post-resurrect Xp amounts.

Thanks to Scouter who determined the basic form of the correlation between the subject's death Xp and the performer's Xp gain, which has been refined to determine the best fit correlation from several possibilities. Empirically, the form "Xp2 = Xp1 ^ 0.8" matches the teaching Xp equation, and a 0.75 multiplier is used elsewhere in the subject's xp return from resurrect, thus it is felt that the appearance of these terms in an equation that closely correlates to observed values is significant.

It is now believed (by Zexium) that following the calculation of the two maximum values, each is multiplied by a value between 0.00 and 1.00 (inclusive) that is determined by how well the performer of the ritual passes skillchecks of their skill against values determined from the Xp amounts involved. It is also believed (by Zexium) that that the values used for the skillcheck are calculated in such a way that the skillcheck for the performer's reward Xp is always harder for a given resurrection than the skillcheck for the subject's Xp return.

XpDeath (xp1) XpRes (xp2) XpDeath * 0.75 XpPishe (res) ((XpDeath * 0.75) ^ 0.8 ) * 0.75
51098 38826 38324 3519 3482
272000 209000 204000 13578 13267
1465708 1138557 1099281 51287 51044
2044027 1533766 1533020 66546 66604
2200000 1664297 1650000 70598 70640
2765481 2075985 2074111 84304 84826
3122000 2374535 2341500 93696 93467
3283485 2482773 2462614 96423 97315
4088945 3067871 3066709 114464 115984
4400000 3300000 3300000 121965 122991

The graphs help to visualise the correlations between the calculated and measured amounts. Blue lines are actual values, red lines are trend lines or calculated values.

Xp Return for Resurrectee vs Death Xp of Resurrectee (516 bonus)

Resurrection xp 1.png

Xp Return for Resurrector vs Death Xp of Resurrectee (516 bonus)

Resurrector xp 1.png

Note the drop in resurrector Xp for the three higher-Xp resurrects in the above table, this suggest that the resurrecting priest in this case reached the limit of their abilities in the "resurrector" xp return at around 3.2 million death Xp. It is postulated that further research would show further step drops in the Xp return to the resurrector at higher death Xp values.