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The linked slot thing is kind of puzzling me. This is a cane I have:

  • This is a priest's cane. It is a short length of wood, which curls at one end into a gentle circular hook. It has been painted in fiery orange tones, and decorated with angular geometric designs.
  • It looks like it could hold two rituals in its hook and handle.
  • The hook is imbued with the ritual endless halls and is linked to the handle. It glows with a barely visible light.
  • The handle is imbued with the ritual feedback and is not dependent on any

other part of the orange cane. It glows with a barely visible light.

  • It is in excellent condition.

I thought the ritual in the supporting slot--the handle, here--had to be the larger one... but Endless Halls is 200 gp and Feedback is only 150(? Much less than 200, anyway). When I put Endless Halls in the handle and then tried to bestow Feedback, though, it said the ritual in the handle wasn't powerful enough to support it. I think there may be some factor other than gp cost at work here.

--Ilde 03:47, 25 February 2009 (UTC)

I've suspected it's actually the cost of bestowing, rather than performing that matters here. Endless halls takes 110gp to bestow, which fits your experience there

--Tony 11:03, 19 February 2010 (UTC)