Confirming skill use through mocking

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Mocking is a witch command that can be used to increase the target's skills in a particular area.

A useful side effect, as far as research priests are concerned, is that it can be used to determine precisely which skills are used for each ritual. By having a witch mock your ritual use, performing a specific ritual and watching which skills' bonuses increase, you can get very reliable information.

The process used is as follows:

  1. Check what your normal faith bonuses are.
  2. Have a witch squint the Evil Eye on you, causing a message indicating that the witch "puts the evil eye on you".
  3. Perform the ritual you want to determine the skills for, and do not use any faith skills for anything else.
  4. Get the witch to mock your "godbothering". If it is successful, you should get a message stating that the witch's "cruel mockery makes you try even harder".
  5. To see if the ritual uses multiple skills, she should mock your godbothering again (while you're still under the effects of the first mock) until she gets the message that you "cannot possibly put any more effort into godbothering than [you] already [are]," instead of the message that you look determined to try harder.
  6. Check your faith bonuses and those that have increased from normal are the skills used in the ritual.
  7. Make sure you wait for the squint to wear off (complete with a message of "You forget about the watchful gaze of old crones.") before trying to test any other rituals as otherwise the bonuses used in all the faith commands/rituals tried whilst under the squint will be increased and you won't be able to isolate the correct skills.

Once the skills used have been determined, the relevant ritual page can be updated to reflect anything learnt, and the "Mocked" template can be added next to each skill in the main skill list at the bottom of the page to indicate that we know for sure which skills are used. See Creeping Doom for a good example. Another example:

= Skills Used =
* [[faith.rituals.misc.area]] {{Mocked}}
* [[faith.rituals.offensive.area]] {{Mocked}}

If a ritual page lists a skill that is not affected by mocking, even after several mock attempts, it should be removed from the page to prevent confusion. Remember, however, that some rituals use different skills depending on their target (e.g. the "cure * wounds" rituals use when you target yourself, and when you target someone else).

Once the "Mocked" template has been added to a ritual page, that ritual will be automatically added to the Rituals with skills confirmed by mocking category.