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As the God of Unexpected Guests, Hat, Vulture-Headed God of Unexpected Guests and His priests are renowned for their erratic behaviour and unpredictability. His worshippers have a penchant for parties, especially if they involve hiding behind furniture then leaping out to shout 'Surprise!' Generally free spirited, the followers of Hat frequently express their piety by travelling to new places, meeting new people, and engaging in new experiences. In keeping with his vulture-like nature, Hat can spot a good party, opportunity for mischief, or tasty corpse from miles away.

Among Hat's most valued commandments is: Surprise them, before they surprise thee, lest I visit upon thee a bigger surprise that thou shalt not like in the least for failing in thy duty to Me.

He only wants worshippers who are between neutral and quite evil. His ideal alignment is at the far end of the "evil" range--5 degrees evil.

He grants Dark Sight and Warm to followers.

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