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In-progress. The aim is to find out how much damage wards of Cure Light Wounds, Cure Medium Wounds, Cure Serious Wounds, Heal, and Relief do with different, faith.items.scroll, and faith.rituals.defensive.self bonuses, variously.

  • Priest: The priest who bestowed the ward.
  • Owner: The person the warded item was stolen from, or whose corpse the warded item was taken from.
  • Thief: The person who stole the item, or took it from the corpse.
  • Method: Either "steal" (stolen from a living thing), "corpse" (taken from a corpse), or "scour" (triggered by scouring the ward(s))
  • Damage: The range, and the average (mean)
  • Damage %: The range, and the average (mean) damage as a % of the target's total hp
Ritual Damage Damage % Priest's cu.ta Priest's Owner's cu.ta Owner's Owner's Thief's Thief's Method # tested
CSW 330 329
CMW 330 329
CLW 330 329