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Seven-Handed Sek is a God who knows what He wants and His seven hands are ideal for getting ahold of it. His followers usually share His drive for self-gratification and tend to enjoy doing whatever is necessary to take what they desire from someone else. Imbued with a natural sense of cruelty, Sek's worshippers frequently inflict misery upon others as a preferred method of showing their committment to Him.

The primary commandment of Sek is: Increase My glory by taking power for thyself from those who are less deserving of it, for the more power thou bringest unto Me, the more power I shall bestow unto thee, and thou shalt remain forever My most prized of servants.

He only wants worshippers who are between barely evil and as evil as you can get. His ideal alignment is at the beginning of the "extremely evil" range--26 degrees evil.

He grants Light and Parch to followers.

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See: Category:Sek Rituals or Sek's table of the levels at which rituals are learnt