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Used In

Major Shield. Not consumed.


Depends on shield. Small leather shield can be bought for A$1 or 2 DjToon.


Shields come in many shapes and sizes. The lightest real shield (usable to block) is the small leather shield (2 lb) that is widely and cheaply available around the Circle Sea region. This makes it an ideal component for the ritual. Custom shields that may not be much heavier and could be much fancier looking (including optionally the symbol of your god) can be ordered from Ug Ogg in Djelibeybi. The lightest one is probably the small leather diamond shield (2 3/9 lb) that was made out of "inferior" grade leather for testing.

The ritual also accepts other "shields" as component but with a significant penalty to the effective casting bonus. This will make the ritual harder to cast and give weaker result. These include at least:

  • Mounted pewter shield; moderate weight ("about two pounds"). Can be bought for 300 DjToon in the Djelibeybi bazaar.
  • Paper shield; may not be available in the game anymore.