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Just wanted to give some feedback on the new process for changing gods. I've just done it now, and all i did was renounce Sandelfon, go straight to Gufnork and supplicate - then I 'pray'ed, then I 'worship'ped - and that was it, I was in! Here's the log:

supplicate gufnork

A hollow voice echoes thoughtfully in your mind: I will consider you as a member of my flock, should you continue to please me for long enough.

> sa

You are quite good, and not worried about the approval of any deity at all.



pray to gufnork

You pray to Gufnork. >

pray devoutly to gufnork

See "syntax pray" for the input patterns. >

syntax pray

Forms of syntax available for the command "pray":

pray to <deity> Pray to a particular deity. >

worship gufnork

You feel the benevolent attention of a higher being.

A hollow voice speaks softly in your mind: Welcome to my following, my son.

The voice says: You may now pray to me wherever you are.



You are quite good. Gufnork is very happy with you.

Really glad it doesn't take forever any more. Don't know why I was so lucky, though, unless it's just that my alignment is 'quite good' and has been for most of my time as a player since my last refresh.

Hope the feedback is useful,

Regards, Bobb.