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Visiting NPCs

The ritual can also take you to NPCs. So far I've had Carrot, Coffin Henry, Hibiscus Dunelm, Ryattenoki, and Khepresh. Anyone else?

Lecturer in Recent Runes spotted 2/7/2011.

Kess of Sek, 3/30/2011.

Mihk-gran-bohp and Halen, 10/13/11.

Granny Weatherwax, 11/08/11.

Ilik Tanikalot, 01/22/12.

Analla Lumberg, 04/17/12.

Nanny Ogg, 4/9/14


Feeshon Chips, 9 June 13

Alcohol Requirement

The amount of alcoholic beverage required appears to be in the region of 13 to 17 ounces (I lack precise instruments currently). The alcohol content of the drink doesn't appear to matter, as the same minimum threshold was required of both Turbot's Really Odd and the much stronger Scumble. A sufficient amount of one kind of drink must be present in a single container to qualify; using multiple smaller containers does not satisfy the ritual requirement, nor does using two different drinks in the same container. Presumably, the correct amount of a correctly mixed cocktail would work, however.

The two lightest containers I could find that would hold this much were the 'large jar' from the pantry in Granny Weatherwax's house (the one with peach preserves in it), which weighs 1/9th lb, and the 'small canteen' purchasable from the Klatchian Foreign Legion shop, which weighs 2/9th lb.

Both containers appraise as holding approximately 1 pint, however the large jar must be filled 67/100 full to function, while the small canteen must be filled 81/100 to function. 67/100 of a large jar appears to be slightly less than 81/100 of the small canteen, making the jar the most practical container overall for this purpose (although the canteen can be worn, it apparently uses the same slot as a backpack; I suspect most players will find two backpacks more useful).

When sufficiently filled, the jar and canteen weigh 11/9 lb and 12/9 lb respectively.

Maimonides 08:24, 15 December 2012 (UTC)