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MUD Characters

Ruedii's primary priest character is "Ruedii" a Pishite.

He is a friendly, but rather light-hearted, and sometimes downright silly.
Unusual for a Pishite, he likes dark humor, and finds that destruction has it's place in order to prepare for creation, and truly appreciates that irony.
He despises the aristocrats, and sees them as responsible for disrupting the natural cycles of the disc. He deals with this anger in the manners promoted by Sek and Midis, and has become an accomplished thief.
He sells various goods on Trade, particularly relocated holy items, but items such as crafting and music supplies. He tends to like to undercut aristocratic monopolists.
More unusually much to the horror of Gappites he love terry cloth, and other soft fabrics, but fluffy no concern one way or another.
His pet moon dragon "Blankety-Blank" humorously named after most people's reaction to Moon Dragons is a lovely snowdrop white with a green ruff and green eyes. Well known for wearing an angelic halo. He was managed to be trained to enjoy playing in the water, but not much else.
Ruedii is an excellent Cabbie and offers other priestly services. Any quick non-cabbie service is free, but rent-a-pishite services are available at a reasonable rate.

He also has a Thief character similarly "Ruedi"

Fluffy for a thief, Ruedi worships Gufnork.
He loves summoning fluff for people when he has spare time.
Stealing, he prefers to frequent jewellery, just to make quick cash. When it comes to accessories, if it isn't fluffy he doesn't wear it.
Well known for his bad sense of humour.

Ruedii in RoundWorld

In real life, He is American, and his name is from a shortened form of his surname, which originates from Swiss German ancestress. He also has, British (Father's Mother's side) and Lithuanian (Entire Mother's side) heritage.

He is Married, and in his late 20s.

He is a downtrodden savant, often pessimistic from repetitive disability discrimination, this sometimes can cause him to be defensive if he feels he is being treated unfairly, please be patient and kind in such cases.

He is a strong advocate of U.S. Green Party principals, but unlike most people of such extreme progressive ideals, he actually believes in the progressive concept of gradual means. (e.g. Most things can only be done one small step at a time, and a step towards the end goal is better than nothing.) The most frustrating thing in this case is explaining to anyone the concept of having extreme ideals but having moderate short term goals.

He is a perfectionist in the sense that he always strives to improve in small steps towards the impossible goal of perfection, and do things the best he can. He gets very frustrated when other people do not understand his belief in this concept, or the very concept himself.

He is a Linux advocate, and an advocate for patent and copyright reform. He exclusively uses Linux on his system, but is thinking of finally caving in and buying a copy of Windows to use in VirtualBox exclusively for gaming.

He used to program a lot, but those skills have gotten rusty at times, but he can still debug XML derivatives and most Object Oriented, and partially Object Oriented languages. He is currently interested in learning Python/GTK Glade, Python/XUL, Python/SOAP, and/or Python/WebKit. He also may try his hands with JavaFX someday. However, he has too much to do right now, so that will have to wait.

He is a moderator at which is one of the few Torrent download sites with a pre-emptive illegal materials downloading policy. The site is dedicated to downloads of Open Source software and related Free media (e.g. Share and Share Alike class CopyLeft licensing)