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I seem to recall that the factor of 750 was for a good affinity rod without prayers flowing with ease messages. I probably have the original log files.

cure light wounds (20 gp to perform) into a pure white baton (good affinity, single rit rod) with 344 rod bonus (every pray was prayers flow into the baton with ease) used a total of 12814 pray gp, giving a figure of 640.7. The last pray was 68gp. If you discount the odd 14 gp, you get a factor of 640 exactly. Alignment was optimal (Pishe is very happy) for all prays. Praying was carried out solely at a high altar of Pishe. Tested / researched on 28th Aug 2010.

I suspect that this would give 6 stages at 32 * rit gp and 7 stages at 64 * rit gp. --Zexium 10:41, 28 August 2010 (UTC)