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The following research intends to dispel a number of myths (or perhaps simply out of date facts). The previous theories are as follows:

  • Holding beads and faith rod results in GP shared amongst them
  • Cost to imprint is 750 x ritual performance GP
  • Rod bonus affects cost to imprint.

My research has proven the first two wrong, and intends to clarify the third. The facts are now:

  • Holding beads and a faith rod charges the faith rod, not the beads
  • Cost to imprint is 620 x ritual bestowal gp

It was always common wisdom to unhold your beads when charging up a rod. This appears to be unnecessary now. However, if you want to put charge in your beads, don't hold a faith rod - unless already imprinted.

Firstly, the beads and faith rod research...

Holding beads and a faith rod

I imprinted a small ritual, Detect Alignment, while holding a fresh set of beads - tracking the charge levels at every prayer. I used a fresh set of pre-consecrated beads for each test.

For the first test, I held the fresh beads, and a freshly bestowed baton, and performed 18,500gp of prayer. The baton charged up to imprinted at a rate consistent with normal charging values. The beads didn't change their charge level at all (neither the brightness, nor invocation count)

To clarify, the beads remained at "pale, flickering holy aura instilled by the occasional invocation"

The second test involved holding the other fresh set of beads, and no baton. After 2,500gp of prayer, the beads had reached the 4th stage of charge, and I aborted the full 18,500gp test with these early results

To clarify, the beads went from
 "pale, flickering holy aura instilled by the occasional invocation"
 "unsteady holy aura instilled by the few invocations"

The charging tables

The following tables detail my research into one large and one small ritual, calculating the GP costs throughout the charging process, the accuracy of these readings could be affected by variables out of my control, such as the Disc's randomness affecting figures. We all know they love to flick the dice now and then :D

So, here's an overview of the following charging tables, looking at the costs of performing and bestowing the rituals, compared to the cost of imprinting. It looks like 620 might be the magic factor here

There is enough of a difference in the calculated and recorded figures to suggest that the rod bonus is responsible. The differences are consistent with common knowledge regarding the charging messages (very easily/with ease and the blank message) indicating 0 to 5% gp waste.

As a final note, the following rituals were imprinted with a 250 rod bonus in July 2009. I repeated the Detect Alignment measurements with a 350 rod bonus recently (February 2010) and found the same gp cost to imprint. I intend to retest the other two, but I expect to merely reduce the percentage waste.

Ritual Perform GP Bestow GP Real Imprint Cost Bestow GP x 620 Difference Difference %
Detect Alignment 30 30 19,350 18,600 750 4.03%
Endless Halls 200 110 61,960 62,000 -40 -0.06%
Fumble 120 120 76,000 74,400 1,600 2.15%

Note: Repeating the Detect Alignment process with a 350 rod bonus gave a total of 18,828gp, which is closer to the predicted value above

Detect Alignment into ribboned baton (misc aff)

  • 30 GP to perform
  • 30 GP to bestow
Stage Prayer count GP Total
Barely visible 4 1,400
Faint 3 1,050
Dull 2 700
Pale 3 1,050
Dim 2 700
Moderate 3 1,050
Softly pulsing 5 1,750
Total up to impressed 22 7,700
Softly pulsing 1 350
Brightly pulsing 5 1,750
Bright 6 2,100
Strong 5 1,750
Brilliant 6 2,100
Dazzling 6 2,100
Radiant 4.3* 1,500*
Total up to imprinted 55.3 19,350

Endless Halls into a serrated baton (off aff)

  • 200 GP to perform
  • 110 GP to bestow
Stage Prayer count GP Total
Barely visible 12.4* 4,350*
Faint 9.8* 3,450*
Dull 9.8* 3,450*
Pale 9.8* 3,410*
Dim 10 3,500
Moderate 10 3,500
Softly pulsing 19 6,650
Total up to impressed 80.8 25,160
Softly pulsing 2 700
Brightly pulsing 21 7,350
Bright 21 7,350
Strong 19 6,650
Brilliant 21 7,350
Dazzling 20 7,000
Radiant 18.3* 6,400*
Total up to imprinted 183.1 61,960

Fumble into a coral baton (off aff)

  • 120 GP to perform
  • 120 BP to bestow
Stage Prayer count GP Total
Barely visible 13.1* 4,600
Faint 11 3,850
Dull 11 3,850
Pale 11 3,850
Dim 11 3,850
Moderate 11 3,850
Softly pulsing 21 7,350
Total up to impressed 89.1 31,200
Softly pulsing 2 700
Brightly pulsing 21 7,350
Bright 22 7,700
Strong 22 7,700
Brilliant 22 7,700
Dazzling 21 7,350
Radiant 18 6,300
Total up to imprinted 217.1 76,000