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Meditate is a special command that doesn't show up in your list of commands. You get it automatically upon joining a faith, and can only perform it at a high altar.

There are five different forms of meditation, aside from the version that just changes your position:

meditate to remove divine protection
meditate {about|on} <ritual> 
meditate {on|upon} obsecration               
meditate {over|with|upon} <object>

The last four can only be done at a high altar of your specific deity.


To just "meditate" at a high altar (any high altar, not just one of your own deity), with no modifiers, will cause you to forget all the rituals you know. (To learn them again, visit your religious instructor.)

Meditate to remove divine protection

If you "meditate to remove divine protection", you'll have divine protection such as Minor shield removed. This costs 100 gp and uses an unknown skill.

meditate to remove divine protection

Your divine protection expires.
You take a deep breath and meditate over your divine protection for a moment, before exhaling as Sandelfon grants your wishes and removes your shielding.
You spend a few seconds in pious contemplation.

meditate to remove divine protection

You meditate over your divine protection for a moment, but can't gain enough of Gapp's attention for them to be removed.

Meditate on ritual

With this, you can gain insights about rituals that you know. It uses faith.rituals.special, faith.items.scroll, and the skill(s) the ritual itself uses.

A partial success will return correct information, just not complete information, and you'll see that you gained "some knowledge" instead of "some insights". Failure, on the other hand, either has no effect or means that you will immediately lose the ritual that you failed on and will have to visit your religious instructor again.

Here is a full example of the messages received when meditating on Bless:

> meditate on bless

You kneel by the large plinth and begin to meditate.
You think back to how you were trained to perform Bless.
You emerge from your meditative state with some insights. Bless is a miscellaneous ritual with two steps. It may be performed on other people and on yourself, and it consumes incense. It requires the power of speech and the ability to move, and the target will not resist it.

It seems that the "and the target will not resist it" message is the last line that will be shown on all targeted rituals and lines similar to the "It requires the power of speech and the ability to move" message are the last line for the non-targeted rituals. If there is a chance of the target being angered by your ritual, and you have sufficient meditation skill, you will also receive an addition to this last line saying "and the target will be angered by this ritual". Note that there is no message given if the target will not be angered.

Meditate upon obsecration

This version of meditate gives you information about your usage of the deity pool, as well as its state. It will also tell you if any rituals are considered profane by your deity (meaning that you can't use them from faith rods) or if any other deities are considered unholy by yours (meaning you can't use faith rods created by their priests). It is far more precise than Devout Inquisition as well as being usable by anyone. To use it, one must use the command "meditate on obsecration" at their god's high altar.

The result will be a set of figures detailing your use/contributions over the past few weeks.

This uses the faith.items.scroll skill. It costs 100 faith points, and requires a bonus of at least 160 to have even a tiny chance of success. When used, even by a follower, 5 deity points are added to the pool.

If another deity's rituals are banned, you'll see something like this:

  • You also learn that Sek is considered unholy and that none of their rituals will be tolerated.

If a specific ritual is banned, you'll see something like this:

  • You learn that holy couturequisition is considered profane by Gapp, God of Fine Clothing.

Meditate over object

You can also meditate over an object, which uses the faith.rituals.special skill and looks something like this:

>meditate over beads

You kneel by the bundle of sticks and begin to meditate upon the set of smooth aquamarine prayer beads.
In meditating over the set of smooth aquamarine prayer beads, you manage to gain some insight about it. It is consecrated to Pishe, Goddess of Slight Showers, and remembering the Warriors' Guild cafe for you. It is a holy relic of Pishe, a holy symbol, a holy amulet and a set of prayer beads.