Minor Shield

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Minor Shield
GP Cost 70
Learnt At 26 in faith.rituals.defensive.target
Skills Used faith.rituals.defensive.self/target
Requirements Symbol
Granted By Pishe, Gufnork, Gapp, Sandelfon, Fish, Hat and Sek
Best Baton(s)

Pale Yellow

Best Cane

Forest Green

Provides a defensive shield


While not as strong as a major shield, a minor shield can still provide adequate protection for the priest without Major Shield. The majority of the comments there apply equally to minor shield, it's just a weaker version.

Help File

Minor Shield will place a protective shield around the target that acts like light armour. You'll need a holy symbol consecrated to your deity to perform Minor Shield.


> perform minor shield on me
You speak a short prayer.
You call upon Gufnork to protect yourself.
You are protected by the power of Gufnork.

Granted By

Pishe, Gufnork, Gapp, Sandelfon, Fish, Hat and Sek

Learnt At

faith.rituals.defensive.target level 26

Skills Used

Base GP Cost

90 GP


Holy symbol


Type Defensive
Step Count2
TargetOthers, Self
ComponentsHoly symbol
Required PowersSpeech
Will Attempt to Resist No
Will Be Angered No/Unknown