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Holy symbols are required by numerous rituals, although prayer beads, once charged, can be used instead.


AM$5 / AM$50

Also Found

Carried by denizens of the druid circle (in the form of black metal medallions), Althea of Pishe (a small ivory statue) and other NPC priests around AM or Sto Lat.


Holy symbols come in two varieties - the cheaper, plain one, and a more expensive wearable model in a different shape for each god:

  • Pishe: narrow ivory bracelet
  • Gufnork: soft fluffy ball (bracelet)
  • Gapp: golden thimble
  • Sandelfon: small square stone (bracelet, can be used for totem)
  • Fish: line of shark teeth
  • Hat: brass feather (jewellery)
  • Sek: black metal medallion